January 23, 2023

Don’t Wait To Be Happy

Don’t wait to be happy. As human beings, we all have a basic desire to feel happy. Whether we realize it or not, happiness is part of who we are. But how do you achieve it? Is it really just luc...
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January 16, 2023

When Life Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

When life doesn’t always go as planned. Life doesn’t always go as planned. It can be hard, frustrating, and even stressful, but when it all goes wrong, there is something you can do about...
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January 10, 2023

Amazing Fun Facts About January

There’s a lot of things to celebrate in January, including the New Year! Here are some facts about January that may surprise you. When you think of the first month of the year, January, what do...
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January 6, 2023

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

Want to be the reason someone smiles today? That’s a pretty big deal. A lot of people have the desire to make others smile, but only a small percentage actually do. We all have the ability to b...
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December 28, 2022

Make Me Happy Make Me Smile & Make You Smile

Make me happy… make me smile… and make YOU smile. The power of happiness. Have you ever thought about what makes you happy? Or what really makes you smile? Well, it may surprise you that a...
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