“But I Did” by Mernell T King

But I Did by Mernell King, Baby Boomer of the Month 2018, Made You Smile Back

November 2018 – Recognized Baby Boomer of the Month

Made You Smile Back is proud to announce a new monthly feature recognizing Baby Boomer men and/or women who have made ‘a difference’ in our world today.  Each month a fellow Baby Boomer lady or gentleman can be nominated to be recognized for their leadership and humanitarian efforts who have contributed a major impact in a positive way during their life.  Those selected possess leadership, empathy and courage through the struggles they have experienced in their life and represent ideal ‘role models’ for each of us to live the best life we can!  

To start off this month’s Made You Smile Back’s first ‘Recognized Baby Boomer of the Month’ we honor Mernell T. King of Columbia, Missouri.  Ms. King was just recently promoted as the new Director of Training and Technical Assistance for GreenLight Training, LLC.  She has been actively involved with the National Head Start Association/Program for many years and believes strongly about assuring vulnerable children and their families having the tools they need to be successful through out their lives.

I myself both nominated and selected her for many reasons.  She is a dear friend of mine and we go way back to knowing one another as childhood friends from church and school.  We lost touch with one another for several years but just recently our paths reconnected and I am not only grateful to have her back in my life but I was humbled and in awe of her amazing life experience thus far.  Let me share with you her story and you will easily see what a magnificent and deserving lady she is!  Congratulations Mernell King!

But O Did Autobiographical Poem by Mernell T King

“But I Did!”

I lost my hair in the 7th Grade and

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I thought I couldn’t take the bullying……..But I Did!

I lost my mother for a summer (to mental illness)

when I was in the 8th grade and

I thought I couldn’t make it …….. But I Did!

I lost my father when I was 20 years old and

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I thought I couldn’t make it…….But I Did!

I had a preemie daughter when I was 29 and

I thought I couldn’t make it……But I Did!

I lost my mother as I was performing CPR when I was 32 and

I thought I couldn’t make it ……But I Did!

I lost my unborn child when I was 34 and

I thought I couldn’t make it……But I Did!

I lost my breasts to Cancer when I was 35 and

I thought I couldn’t make it…..But I Did!

My husband picked up my baby at daycare and

went “missing” for a week and

I thought I couldn’t make it …..But I Did!

I lost my 2nd husband to his co-worker while

recovering from cancer and

I thought I couldn’t make it……..But I Did!

I lost my grandmother when I was 35 who was in cancer treatment

and I thought I couldn’t make it……But I Did!

I lost my baby sister when she was just 33 and

I thought I couldn’t make it…….But I Did!

I nearly lost my son to kidney disease when he was 5

(multiple medical issues) and

I  thought I couldn’t make it……But I Did!

I lost my son to the Navy and PTSD following 9/11 and

I thought I couldn’t make it………But I Did!

I have lost my way at many times in my life and

I thought I couldn’t make it…. BUT I DID!


the constants in my world – have helped me make it!

My sister, My children, My grandchildren, My extended family,

My faith and My friends –

YOU have sustained me.  I have lived,

loved and lost but through it all I feel tremendously blessed –

Thank you all for your many kindnesses over the years and for being a

part of my life “well traveled”.

I dedicate my life to the service of others always!

Mernell T. King

© Copywrited 2018

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11 comments on ““But I Did” by Mernell T King”

  1. We don’t know how we change the trajectory of someone’s life. Mernell has changed so many. So very proud to call her My Friend!

  2. Mernell you have always had a giving spirit about you. Thinking of others first, giving to others and helping to make things better for others. All of this love you share has given you strength beyond measure. Congratulations

  3. She believed she could and she DID!!!

    I am so proud of you & the amazing person that you are!! I wouldn’t be where or who I am today if it hadn’t been for your believing in me and pushing me to be more than average and reminding me not to settle! There are so many others who owe you the same gratitude and yet you never ask or remind them, you just continue being the same amazing person that you have always been! You, my friend are truly my hero and I am blessed to call you my friend!! Hugs ????

  4. Mernell, I just want to be the first to congratulate you on this much deserved recognition! When I visited with you while in Missouri with our other great friends, Gayle, Joyce and your sister Michelle, I was just in awe of everything you stand for. I am proud to be your friend. Blessings to you always!

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