Remember ‘Back in the Day’ Automobiles?

60s and 70s Automobiles

It seems like every generation loves their cars!  And of course, the Baby Boomers are no exception.  Being a teenage girl back in the 70s, I really didn’t give it much thought but man, the boys were consumed with them.  It all comes back to me now… sitting on our front porch swing on a Saturday night around sunset… out of the blue, you hear the beginning sounds of roaring of a GTO or Super Sport Cheville; the tires screeching with the lingering smell of exhaust in the air.  Yep, the boys are back in town, parading off their just washed and waxed GTOs, Dodge Darts, Camaros and/or Mustangs.  They were their source of pride and joy!

I saw this clip and just had to include it in my blog for the day.  In the town I grew up in and across many of America, I lived in the county seat and as such, we had the infamous ‘town square’ and on any given Friday or Saturday night, you could see the classics driving around and around and around… and had fun doing it!  Seeing all our friends and who was dating who, you get the picture…

Which now brings up a pet peeve of mine in today’s hectic driving mania we see today.  Remember ‘back in the day’ when we actually used road maps for directions from going from ‘point A to point B’?  Oh nowadays, we have the wonderful GPS or Google Maps on our cell phone to tell us when to take a right or left turn, 

which hey,  I’m not complaining about that!  In fact, as a Realtor, I don’t know how I could do my job showing houses all over the DFW metroplex without it!  No, what I’m referring to, is the ‘brain freeze’ of today’s generations in case something goes wrong!  God forbid if the GPS ‘lost connection’ or their cellphone dies (yes, believe it or not, there are still people who don’t routinely keep a cellphone carcharger in their car…) and they need to get somewhere!

They’re like hypnotized zombies driving their car and they get into a panic if they don’t know which way to turn! They’re so clued to every word that that GPS says, they would drive straight into the city park lake if it told them to keep going straight!!!!   And yes, some things never change, men will be men, no matter what generation!  What is it with them?!?  If they are lost, they REFUSE to simply just stop and ask for directions!  Even after an hour and a half of backtracking, etc.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they only stop at a gas station to ask for directions when they see the gas tank is 1/4 quarter from being empty!!!!  

That’s it for today’s blog, I have some houses to show… which reminds me, just where are my keys????!!!!???? Now go ahead and have your ‘Best Day Ever’!

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