Remember ‘Back in the Day’ Late Night Television?

Late Night Television, Saturday Night Live

Remember ‘Back in the Day’ Late Night Television?

Oh what I would give to watch some reruns of late night television ‘back in the day’… I’m sure you all remember the familiar booming Ed McMahon presenting the infamous, one and only: “HHHHHEEEERRRREEE’SSSS JOHNNNY!” The King of Late Night funnyman ruled bedtime on NBC for 30 years (1962-1992). I remember the first time I saw him on TV… It was past my bedtime, don’t you know, and I snuck down from my bedroom upstairs and saw my Mom and Dad laughing hysterically watching the shenanigans of this All American Icon.

And who could forget seeing the Beatles making their debut on American Television than with none other than Ed Sullivan in 1965. The Beatles appeared on three consecutive Sundays in February 1964 to great anticipation and fanfare as I Want to Hold Your Hand had swiftly risen to No. 1 in the charts.


This was a cult hit with a nation hungry for something edgy, and man, was the show edgy. Babyboomers tuned in

 in droves to watch a group of unknowns who were willing to try just about anything to make each other laugh and, hopefully entertain the audience. Who can forget John Belushi, Bill Murray, and Gilda Radner who played Rosanne Roseannadanna!!!!!

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Don’t get me started on the best rock-n-roll there is. That’s another blog… But oh what a time we had enjoying our late night television, more specifically on Friday and Saturday Nights. In fact, the show that launched some of the biggest comedy careers signed on the air on October 11, 1975 as “NBC’s Saturday Night”!


OMG, I can’t forget all the times Steve Martin hosted… Who remembers him teaming up with Dan Aykroyd playing the characters, “We’re just some wild and crazy guys!!!” LOL. And speaking of which, Saturday Night Live has recently made a comeback to today’s late night programming… And I don’t know about you, and it makes no difference what political affiliation you identify with, if you don’t appreciate the comedic portrayal of our current President Donald Trump by Alec Baldwin, there’s something wrong with you! He’s just plain funny!!!!


Okay, I leave with this last image displayed above.  How many of you remember this all too familiar icon with the white noise we’ve all fell asleep many a time?…  

Nothing made you feel more patriotic before sleep than blasting rockets, the national anthem and this iconic image impressed upon our hypnotic brains.

Now go out and have the ‘Best Day Ever!”

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