Science Fiction Fascinations & All Things Paranormal

Science Fiction Fascinations and All Things Paranormal

In Love with Spock!

Okay, since I already admitted I am a Trekkie fan, I’m just going to put it out there upfront and personal… Yes, I’ll confess.  I simply adore Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)!  I know, I know.  There shall be many of you who are torn between your infatuation with the inimitable Captain James T. Kirk as well.  Perhaps Dr. McCoy with his dry wit and sense of humor was more to your liking.  But who can deny the magnificent intellectual mind of the first officer?  Spock was always so aloof and ever so ‘logical’.  Remember his famous slogan with his authoritative hand pointed up with his 3rd & 4th fingers spread apart telling us to “Live Long and Prosper”.  

Gene Roddenberry Was Before His Time

Star Trek® which has now been redubbed as “The Original Series”®, debuted in 1966 and aired for only three seasons on the television network NBC.  Each week was an interstellar adventure featuring the fearless Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner) and his crew aboard the infamous starship, USS Enterprise, built by the United Federation of Planets in the 23rd century.  What was so fascinating to me, in retrospect, is the fact that Gene Roddenberry, the creator, was, in my mind, a total genius!

His stories were all thought-provoking and always gave us pause in our perception of humanity.  The series is also very well-noted for its progressive civil rights stances.  The original series included one of television’s first multi-racial casts and was practically censored on the episode broadcasted November 22, 1968 involving Lieutenant Uhura being kissed by Kirk.   This was the first interracial kiss on television.   Fast forward to today in 2018, where this is very much accepted in today’s society along with prejudicial barriers being broken down between gender, race and sex.  And while this series was set 400 years into the future, here is a man, born in 1921 writing Star Trek® episodes featuring high tech devices that we now use every day!  

Ancient Aliens & The Paranormal

I would like to think of myself as being an open and ‘enlightened’ person.  And yes, I consider myself a very devout and spiritual person who believes strongly in God, or a higher power if you will and a ‘truth seeker’ always.  Can we get serious here for a minute.  I know it’s not talked ‘out loud’ very much, but are you just as fascinated as I am about this ongoing UFO phenomenon and why can’t it be possible that ‘God’ is our ‘alien father in Heaven?

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There are so many things we don’t understand and I for one, hunger for knowledge and knowing what is what and what is real!  Come on, be honest.  Who else is totally enthralled when watching the now popular, television show on The History Channel, ‘Ancient Aliens’!  Makes you think doesn’t it!  I gotta tell ya.  Last summer my family and I drove through Roswell, Arizona and it literally gave me shivers down my back. 

2 Billion Planets Capable of Supporting Life

According to data from the Kepler Space Observatory, it has been suggested that there may be more than two billion planets in our galaxy capable of supporting life.  Here’s the deal folks.  The way I see it is, why should we place a limit on how many ‘kingdoms to heaven’ there are in the universe?!?  God created us, he created the universe, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the universe does consist of planets right?  Right…

So… I leave you with this thought.  Oh, I forgot.  Did I mention that I’m also a die-hard ‘Coast to Coast A.M.’ fan as well!  One of my favorite guests who is regularly featured is Linda Moulton Howe and she says it best.  “We are NOT alone.”

I would love to get your thoughts on this subject.  Please reply below in the comment section.  And… if you have other subjects you wish to be explored and discussed, you can always email me as well.  Have the ‘best day ever’!  Blessings.

Science Fiction Fascinations & All Things Paranormal

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17 comments on “Science Fiction Fascinations & All Things Paranormal”

  1. I totally believe we are not alone. I don’t necessarily think there are weird alien creatures out there but just a lot more people like us. Why would God ‘s creations be limited to just one earth?!

    1. Tami, I soooo agree. There definitely could be ‘several kingdoms’ in the universe. And yes, I do believe we are created
      from the image of God, so I expect we’ll all look similar… Thanks for sharing.

  2. It was remarkable that NBC tried to cancel the original series 3 times, but could not because the fans were outraged and would protest. It was part of my childhood and I enjoy it even now. It’s just goes to prove that being creative, different and telling a good story can have a huge impact.

    1. Jason, thanks for your insightful comment regarding my blog on Science Fiction, but more specifically as it related to Star Trek. I have fond memories watching this series with my older brother and me. Live Long and Prosper… lol

  3. I love your insight and thoughts about life, Star Trek (I always enjoy shows like this and so does Ed….often our go-to when nothing else is good on TV ….The X Files, etc.) and others. I also love your print style and way with words! You do make all of us think. Thank you for sharing. Greg got me into the Star Trek show and I will always remember him talking about at Rolla and MU students would be in dorm lounges watching the reruns…..engineers, huh?! I didn’t go that far, but did and still do enjoy shows about outer space.
    Love you!

    1. Rochelle, thank you for your comments. Yes I do believe Greg and my brother were of the same mindset! Alan even was such a Trekkie fan that he attended one Star Trek convention held in Kansas City one year. Glad you like my blog. Send me any subject topics you would like to see covered! Have a best day ever!

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