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Start each day with three things you’re most grateful for.

Track your level of happiness
daily and commit to doing
acts of kindness to others.

If you’re looking for a journal that is unique and not your everyday ‘gratitude journal’ this 90-day Ultimate Happiness Journal is for you.  Get ready to begin your 90-day journey to living the best life you deserve to be living. Live your most intentional life. Set meaningful goals. Determine your happiest moments, determine how grateful you are and journal your daily's greatest achievements.

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You can record your moments of happiness and gratitude each
day.  This Ultimate Happiness Journal is designed so you can shift
your mental well-being into one of habitual joy and positivity in
your daily life.

Each day a new inspiring and motivational quote
will set the tone to get through your day.

What you will get?

after approximately 13 weeks

After consistently journaling for 90 days
(approximately 13 weeks), you will literally
see and feel your attitude toward life change.

You WILL be happier.
You WILL be able to see the ‘good’ in everyday events,
And you WILL be able to move forward towards living a more positive and fulfilled life of joy, love and happiness.
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Here’s my review of The Ultimate Happiness Journal. This is a personal post to see for myself if it’s really worth buying or is it just hype.Is it FOMO that’s making everyone buy into the idea that journaling is the best tool for self care and personal growth?

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‘The Zulzan Collection of Journals’

Created by Umair Qureshi
& Beth Jarboe-Elkassih

Umair Qureshi, is Co-Founder of Zulzan LLC, a
company that offers creative graphic art design, web
development, mobile apps, and website maintenance.
For more info, please visit:

Beth Jarboe-Elkassih is a professional Blogger of the website, and also the author of “The Power of Unexpected Miracles”,
a book about themiraculous birth of her third daughter and
their survival with ‘Blessings in Disguise’. For more info, please visit: It is offered in digital, paperback and audible formats.

If you’re looking for a journal
that is unique and not your
everyday ‘gratitude journal’ this
90-day Ultimate Happiness
Journal is for you.

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But Wait! There's More!

Announcing The Newly Released
'Sacred Love'

This beautiful journal was thoughtfully,
designed to celebrate the sacred love
between couples. It makes a great gift
to celebrate engagements, weddings,
anniversaries or for those ‘special
moments’ in our lives.

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What is the title and publishing date?

The official title is “The Ultimate Happiness Journal” officially published on December 2, 2019 on Amazon, independently published by Zulzan LLC. Series Name: Zulzan Collection (Book 1)

What is the title and publishing date?

You can purchase at various retail outlets worldwide including, Barnes & Noble, Target, Million Books and even WalMart.
It became officially published by Believe in Your Dreams Publishing of Tampa Bay, Florida (℅ Nichole E Peters, CEO) and released on Amazon KDP on May 27, 2019.

What info do I need to provide to order a book at these retailers?

You can provide the Author(s) name and/or Journal Title and/or ISBN Numbers assigned.

Who are the Authors of this Journal?

The Co-Authors are Beth Jarboe-Elkassih and Umair Qureshi.  You can read more info above in the ‘About the Authors Section’.

What are the ISBN numbers?

The ISBN numbers are barcodes used by book retailers to use to order and track units sold.  This bar-code number lets you verify that you’re getting exactly the right version or edition of a book.  Both the 13-digit and 10-digit numbers formats both work.

What are the ISBN numbers for ‘The Ultimate Happiness Journal’?

ISBN-13:  978-1670579348 // ISBN-10:  1670579344

How many pages, sections, etc. are there in the journal?

There are 200 pages in ‘The Ultimate Happiness Journal’ and is comprised of an Introduction, 90 days of individual, thought-provoking inspirational quotes with corresponding daily journal pages with prompts, a 30, 60 and 90 day Reflections’ Pages and additional pages for notes.

 Are there other ‘journals’ available for sale as well?

Yes.  The ‘Zulzan Collection’ offers other journals such as travel journals, diaries, gratitude journals, etc.  Their latest journal shall beavailable the first week in February and is titled, ‘Sacred Love’.  You can find more information at Amazon at

How can we contact?

We welcome all comments and reviews.  Please submit to: [email protected]
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