Say What You Feel & Why it is Important

Say what you feel and why it is so important.

Many people feel like they need to keep everything inside. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. They don’t want to lose their jobs. They don’t want to look bad in front of their friends. They don’t want to let their parents down.

These fears hold us back.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be different.

There is freedom in being honest. There is power in being true.

There is beauty in expressing yourself.

The biggest obstacle to getting things off your chest is fear.

It’s not that we can’t speak up. It’s that we don’t. We’re too afraid. We’re too ashamed.

But we can break the cycle. We can start to change the story.

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Stop Stuffing Your Feelings & Learn To Express Emotion the Right Way

Stop stuffing your feelings and learn to express them the right way.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had something to say, but didn’t? Maybe it was in the middle of a conversation, or maybe you were in a group setting.

Your feelings matter.

People can’t live their lives without feeling. So why should you?

Stuffing your feelings is like trying to squeeze a balloon. It’s impossible.

Your feelings are not a secret that you should hide.

They’re what makes you human.

You can’t hide from your feelings. They’ll catch up with you. It’s better to deal with them now.

It’s the first step to being free.

The Reality of it All

The reality of it all…

We are so afraid to speak our truths and show our hearts to others that reveal how we truly feel about circumstances, relationships, etc. But why is this so?

According to scientists who have been trying to figure this out for years, many believe that it’s all about shame and conditioning. Let me explain.

From the day we are born, we are told to keep our emotions inside. Think about it… we’re told from a young age by our parents to ‘hush’ and be quiet. We’re told to shop ‘whining’ when we’re a toddler about what we want. We’re told to stop ‘crying’. We’re even sometimes told to not be boisterous shouting out with ‘enthusiastic joy’ over something that makes us happy!

We literally have been conditioned by our parents and society that it’s best and even ‘polite’ to ‘shush’ ourselves. Who doesn’t relate to these other learned behaviors:

  • Don’t talk about others.
  • Don’t speak out of turn.
  • It’s not nice to monopolize a conversation.
  • Don’t get emotional when upset and shore up your tears!

And how many of us have been shamed by our parents for telling us to ‘shut up’ or suffer the consequences? Unfortunately, as a result, we carry these learned behaviors into adulthood and carry this shame in our psyche.

We’re conditioned to keep things inside… But I’m here to remind you… isn’t it time we STOP shaming ourselves for them .

I refuse to apologize to anyone for the feelings I have and you shouldn’t either!

You can learn to say how you feel in healthy ways.

How to Speak Your Truth & Remove Shame & Negative Feelings

How to speak your truth and remove shame and negative feelings.

Yes, you don’t have to feel this way anymore. You can eliminate your baggage of ‘shame’ and learn how to effectively learn to speak your truth.

If you want to stop feeling this way, then you need to start saying what you really think.

We’re all entitled to our opinions.

And we’re all entitled to our feelings.

You may not like them. You may not agree with them.

But that doesn’t mean you have to keep them bottled up.

Your emotions are yours. You have a right to express them.

Why? Because you’re human.

People don’t like to hear what they don’t want to hear. But that’s only because they’ve been trained to tune you out.

They’ve been taught that they should be polite and quiet. They’ve been told they shouldn’t express their emotions.

But here’s the thing…

They aren’t going to listen to you if you don’t speak.

They’re not going to care about you if you’re too scared to talk.

And they’re definitely not going to respect you if you’re too scared to say what you’re feeling.

So speak your truth.

No one else is going to do it for you.

Give yourself permission to be YOU, the ‘authentic’ YOU!

Say What You Feel – The Best Strategy to Express Yourself with Words

“Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.” –


The best way to express yourself is with words.

Now that we have given ourselves permission to say what we feel, there is one important rule…

This doesn’t mean you can be rude. Obviously, there shall be those instances where you may want to remain quiet or silent is the better choice. The thing is… learning to say what you feel is a ‘choice’. It also means taking responsibility for the ‘words’ you do say.  

It’s one thing to be positive-minded, it’s a totally different thing to be ‘mean-spirited’ or ‘negative’.  

It’s also important to understand when to speak and when to keep quiet.

Like don’t be a jerk and announce you just got promoted when your best friend or co-worker lost their job.  

And please… nor is the time to tell your Uncle Louey that you didn’t much care for his wife when they were married in the middle of a memorial service!

Look, it’s simply ‘nice to be nice’… Enough said.

10 Best Ways on How to Say What You Feel

Words can be especially powerful when you say them when the situation is so hard. So say how you feel — no matter what! Below are ten top ways how to say what you’re feeling.

  1. Always be honest and truthful in all that you say.
  2. Learn to be responsive instead of reactive. In other words, be careful when you say ‘I hate it’ when you really just ‘dislike it somewhat.’  
  3. Sometimes saying what you feel can even be done to remind people you care about. Like not hesitate to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I appreciate you being my friend’ instead of being shy and holding back.
  4. Don’t let what you say limit you.
  5. Speak up when you feel an injustice is being done.
  6. Don’t hesitate when wanting to give advice.
  7. Always say a positive ‘goodbye’ when leaving your friends. For instance, taking the time to say out loud, ‘Take Care Michael’, making sure to always use their name.
  8. Get in the habit of saying ‘Hello’ to everyone you greet and smile. Don’t just pass people by like they’re not there.
  9. Get in the habit of saying “I understand…” and truly listen to a situation before expressing your opinion.
  10. Don’t ever apologize again for having emotions and the need to express your feelings. 

20 Quotes on Tips on How to Say What You Feel

To help you get more inspired, please read my top 20 quotes on how to what you are feeling:

“If you don’t say how you feel… how will anyone know?”

Beth Elkassh

Life is too short not to say how you feel to the people you love.

Kristina McMorris

“Be who you are and say what you feel…”

Theodore Suess Giesel

“Life can change in the blink of an eye. All you have is right now. So don’t ever put off telling someone how you feel about them, don’t assume that they know, because they might not and it might be too late.” 

Alexandra Potter

I’d rather know how you feel than hope and wonder and delude myself for weeks on end…”

Dan Wells

“The world is a mirror for us – whatever you say about others is really how you feel about yourself.”

Deepak Chopra

“I’m such an incredibly, stupidly sensitive person that everything that happens to me, I experience it really intensely. I feel everything very deeply. And when you feel things deeply and you think about things a lot and you think about how you feel, you learn a lot about yourself. And when you know yourself, you know life.”

Fiona Apple

“Eighty percent of our life is emotion, and only 20 percent is intellect. I am much more interested in how you feel than how you think. I can change how you think, but how you feel is something deeper and stronger, and it’s something that’s inside you.”

Frank Luntz

“Never be ashamed of what or how you feel… just be honest.”

Jaimie Alexander

“Keeping your emotions all locked up is something that is unfair to you. When you clearly know how you feel. You should say it.”

Taylor Swift

“How you feel is not the result of what is happening in your life it is your interpretation of what is happening.”

Tony Robbins

“So much of the pain we feel is based on resistance to what we can’t change. Allowing yourself to let go and feel how you feel in the moment is a blissful thing.” — 

Janine and The Mixtape

“A big lesson that I’m always having to be reminded of is, you can’t control how you feel, but you can control how you respond.”

Xosha Roquemore

“What you do is more important than how much you make, and how you feel about it is more important than what you do.”

Jerry Gillies

“You just never know when somebody’s gonna die. It could happen at any moment so you’ve got to really treat everybody that way. Just really let everybody know how you feel about them.”

John Frusciante

“What you do, who you are with, and how you feel about the world around you, is completely up to you.” 

 Mike Rowe

“Life is short. People are not easy to know. They’re not easy to know, so if you don’t tell them how you feel, you’re not going to get anywhere, I feel.” 

Nina Simone

“Remember my first tenet in getting dressed is how you feel in the morning. So if you’re not being true blue to that, it usually shows.”

Pharrell Williams

“Everybody is going to have an opinion on you; not everyone is going to like you. You can’t live your life based on other people’s opinions of you or let that change what you do or how you feel about yourself, because then you’re not living.

Rumer Willis

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

Regina Brett

 Final Thoughts

It’s okay to feel what you feel. It’s okay to express your emotions. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to say you’re angry. It’s okay to say you’re sad. It’s okay to be upset.  

But what we have learned in this article is that while it’s okay to have these feelings, it’s ‘not okay’to stuff our feelings and not say anything.

Instead, we learned ways on how to effectively express in powerful words in a positive way.

Words are both powerful and memorable. They can always be referred back to. When we’ve verbally expressed our feelings to a person, it creates an impact on our brains.  

When we learn how to say what we feel, it frees us to improve upon ourselves and literally can transform our lives.

You can learn to deal with your feelings in a healthy way. You can say what you feel.

So get out of your comfort zone and be your real authentic self. Learn how to speak your truth and remove shame and negative feelings. Take ownership of your emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions.

The best way to express yourself with words is to use positive self-talk strategies and tips to eliminate anger and sadness.

When we learn how to say what we feel, it frees us to improve upon ourselves and literally can transform our lives. 

Say What You Feel & Why it is Important

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