“I Just Want To Be Happy Again!”

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“Why Can’t I Just Be Happy Again?”

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I just want be happy again was written to reach out to anyone and everyone who is looking for encouragement and how to come back to themselves and be the happy, positive and productive person they were in the past.

Why can’t I be happy is a familiar cry from many in the world today. We all want to experience joy again. If you’re suffering from acute depression, anxiety, or perhaps being a new mother experiencing the baby blues, or who are in the throes of post-partum depression, we all just want to be happy again.

Are you tired of being sad? Perhaps you don’t even know why you’re sad. This post is for you! Get back to your ‘happy place’. This post is meant for you!

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How do I Stop Being So Unhappy?

“Why can’t I just be happy?”  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just go back in time and experience that one childhood moment when we experienced happiness as a state of being — of feeling inexplicable joy?

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That one incredible moment when everything in our world was perfect, inside and out. Why can’t I just be this happy again!

“I Just Want To Be Happy Again”

How to Find Yourself Again While Facing Everyday Life Struggles


By Beth Elkassih, Author

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In this article Made You Smile Back is going to discuss various reasons why we feel this way from time to time.  We will also look at innovative ways of how you can stop being so unhappy and how we can overcome this temporary ‘state of being’ and find our happiness again.

Why can't I just be happy, I just want to be happy, Made you smile back, make you smile, smile depression
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I’m Just So Tired of Feeling this way!

Why You’re Not Happy

Have you caught yourself thinking that all the things that used to make you happy aren’t making you happy any longer? Sometimes the reason you can’t be happy is not that complicated.

All one has to do is just step out of yourself for a moment and ask your psyche why you’re so unhappy. You may be in a difficult situation and you see no way out.

Or things that once brought you joy, have lost their sparkle. This isn’t your fault. You may be stuck in an emotional rut.

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You know you want to be happy. You wouldn’t be reaching out if you didn’t. And there my friend lies the power that is truly within you to change things around!

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If you set your sights on all the right targets and/or goals and get your priorities straight, you can become happy again.

Happiness and Joy–Synonyms?

To answer this question, happiness and joy are two terms that are often used interchangeably. While they both denote positive emotion, happiness is more of a general term for feeling good, while joy is a more intense, specific emotion. A smile is often a sign of happiness, but can also be a sign of joy. To live a happier life, focus on your well-being and mood. This is how I live my life.

Can you Force Yourself to be Happy?

You’re stronger than you realize and you have the power within you to chooseto do whatever it takes to Make You Smile Again.

You should never force feelings or emotions upon yourself. … However, you can “trick” your brain into feeling happy by noticing things like smiling and engaging in things that you love.

You’re Not Alone…

For myself, I strive to spend the majority of my day smiling at others with the intent of making those I meet feel good about themselves. I even read somewhere that even with the act of smiling itself, it does seem to help. Something about the feel-good neurotransmitters being released. But I digress.

Here’s the deal. Maybe your unhappiness is a type of depression. Would it surprise you to know that depression is a medical condition and is considered a genuine illness, just like the flu? 

Did you know that depression comes in many forms, whether it be clinical depression, bi-polar, postpartum or even a relatively new one recently identified – smile depression. Yes, you read correctly, smile depressionand while I have firsthand experienced some of the others mentioned above as well, I can honestly tell you, smile depression is now a big concern of mine!    

Are you hiding behind a ‘forced’ smile?

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Think about it. Usually, when you think of someone suffering from depression, they are friends who are noticeably sad and perhaps disengaged from their loved ones and everyday life. Possibly you can relate to this.  

You, on the other hand, smile all day long — at work, playing with your kids and/or grandkids, with your spouse and when greeting others at the cashier’s line in the grocery store.  You laugh, you smile, and you may ‘look’ happy. Yet you can’t seem to shake off the feelings of loneliness and sadness that are buried deep below your surface.

Do YOU Have Smile Depression?

According to Thai-An Truong, a mental health therapist at Oklahoma’s Lasting Change Therapy, this is smiling depression, also known as perfectly hidden depression. Symptoms include similar to those of depression: low mood, sadness, low self-worth, isolation and hopelessness. Is this you?

“I Just Want To Be Happy Again”

How to Find Yourself Again While Facing Everyday Life Struggles


By Beth Elkassih, Author

Image of newly published,

Do you “put on a happy face in front of others“, hiding your vulnerability and even using laughter as a means to disguise your pain?  Don’t deny it any longer if you suffer or know someone who does.  

It’s this very reason that people, especially women, with smiling depression who look put-together on the outside avoid getting help. You may feel like ‘oh this too will pass’and isn’t bad enough to warrant reaching out to get help or see a mental health professional.  

Reaching Out For Help, Why Can't I Just Be Happy, Made You Smile Back, Make You Smile, Smile Depression
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Reaching Out for Help

The good news is that help is actually closer than you think. The first step is to get yourself out of denial. Acknowledge that what you’re feeling is “real”. Next, talk to someone you trust. It can be a family member, someone you work with, a fellow church member or your primary care physician. Let them know what’s going on.

And listen carefully, “If they discount your feelings, find SOMEONE ELSE.  You must be your own self-advocate.”

Sure eating a better diet and getting daily exercise can obviously help too.  But you know what.  So does therapy

And please, if you know of a friend or a family member who seems to have it all turns to you for comfort, please don’t dismiss them.  Don’t tell them to be grateful for what they have. 

Instead, let that person know that you’re there to listen and support them.  This goes for everyone suffering any type of depression.

Why Can't I just Be Happy, Made You Smile Back
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Use Social Media to Reach Out Too!

With the modern technology of today, there’s not a better time than to take advantage of using social media! You know and I know, we all like to hear that familiar ding’  announcing to us to let us know someone is sending a message.  Call, text, Facebook, or even email your friend(s) and engage with them in meaningful conversation!  And yes, don’t forget to address them by their name.  This is important, people feel ‘special’ when you call them by their name.

For some people, messaging via social media actually allows you to ‘open up’ more than you would have if in person.  Not everyone, but for those who are somewhat introverted, this is an excellent option to help you who may need this type of engagement to connect and have meaningful dialogue. 

And remember, you know you’re getting thru once you see that all too familiar smiley face icon! ?

I Just Want to Be Happy Again, Made You Smile Back
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What Can Make Me Happy Again?

You can learn how to shake off your feelings of sadness and start feeling happy again. You no longer have to feel this way. You DESERVE to be happy and below we’re going to discuss 5 effective ways to bring happiness back into your life!

5 Ways To Get Back to Happy!

By learning these five simple steps, you will help get your smile to resurface by putting YOU first.  You will see how easy it is to love yourself back to being able to smile again.  

Once you have master these five simple steps, the benefits will help you achieve better overall well-being and greater happiness.  So, grab a pencil (okay, maybe your iPad…), take notes and let’s begin, shall we?

  1. You must live in the present.
    Stop replaying negative events over and over again in your head.  And don’t worry about the future.  It hasn’t even arrived yet… Learn to be grateful for everything good in your life. 

    Accept and celebrate the flexibility of nature.  Be open to the serendipity nature of the ebbs and flow of everything around you and appreciate the “small stuff”.

    And finally, take a step back and observe yourself in the moment.  Instead of always ‘reacting’ to whatever you’re confronting, ‘respond’ and learn how to approach life in a harmonious way.
  2. Let go of negative thoughts.
    You must learn to forgive and forget and simply move on.  Holding a grudge takes so much emotional and physical energy.  It’s not worth it.  Forgiveness allows YOU to exchange that negative energy into something more positive for yourself.  It’s ‘freeing’.

    Embrace failures or mistakes and allow yourself to open up to success. Realize just how unique and special you truly are.  Try to spend less time pleasing others and more time pleasing your higher self.

    Remove ‘toxic’ people from your life and hang out with like-minded, positive-oriented friends and family members.
  3. Be kind.

    Another way of finding happiness to get your smile back is to simply follow the golden rule:  “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”.

    How about doing a random act of kindness.  Go out of your way to help someone.  You have no idea how much happiness and self-worth you can gain.  It can be as easy as giving a bottle of water to a homeless person or paying a simple compliment to anyone you come in contact with. 

    Even if it’s a total stranger. Kindness is also about being respectful to others.  Sometimes its just better to let the other person be right once in a while.  And when you do this simple action, you will SMILE back inside of yourself and immediately feel humbled and blessed for doing so.
  4. Get healthy and get an active lifestyle.

    I know you’ve heard it said many times, but it is true.  Exercise really does make you feel better.  It releases those wonderful endorphins which in turn help you to relieve stress, minimize depression and improve your mood.  You can’t help but be happier after a great workout that makes you sweat.

    Make a conscious effort to eat healthy.  You know what I’m talking about.  Keep it clean and be sure to drink as much water as necessary to stay hydrated. And finally, take some time ‘off’ from being on your cell phone and checking Facebook or whatever every other minute!  Don’t be distracted all of the time. 

    Stay focused, pray, meditate, do yoga, anything that helps you reflect and makes you feel better for your sense of well-being.
  5. Laugh more and you will smile more.

    You’ve heard it before but I’m going to remind you anyway.  

    Laughter IS the best medicine. 

    It too releases those feel-good endorphins.  When is the last time you had a really good laugh?  I’m talking a deep down ‘belly laugh’! 

    If you haven’t seen the YouTube version of the delightful ‘Chewbacca Lady‘, here’s your chance now to not only see it but really get into it and have yourself a ‘belly laugh’ as well.  You’ll be grinning from ear to ear with the biggest smile ever.  You’ll thank me later, trust me!

Reclaim your Joy and Happiness!

Don’t let your sadness rob you of the true joys of life.  You deserve to have your ‘inside’ match what you show on the outside.  And one of the goals of creating ‘Made You Smile Back’ is to have a place to go to talk about things of this matter and to leave with a ‘smile’, a genuine smile back’.

Joy and Happiness, Why Can't I Just Be Happy, Made You Smile Back, Make You Smile, Smile Depression
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Finding Happiness Does Not Require Lowering One’s Expectations

Happiness is a state of mind, and it does not come from lowering one’s expectations. Happiness comes from taking care of oneself and living a happier life. When we are unhappy, it is often because we are overwhelmed by stress and our expectations are too high. We can find happiness by journaling our thoughts and feelings, and by taking care of ourselves.

Happiness does not require lowering one’s expectations. On the contrary, finding happiness often means raising one’s standards and expectations in life. This could mean setting higher goals for oneself or expecting more out of relationships. Whatever the case may be, increasing one’s standards typically leads to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

After all, isn’t it more rewarding to achieve something great that you initially thought was out of reach? And what could bring more happiness than constantly striving to improve oneself? Seeing the progress you make towards your goals is sure to put a smile on your face and bring a sense of well-being. So don’t settle for mediocrity, go out and create happy memories that you’ll look back on fondly for the rest of your life.

Happiness Is the Process of Becoming Your Ideal Self

Happiness is the process of becoming your ideal self. It’s a habit that we can all develop, and it starts with journaling our thoughts and feelings. By doing this, we can identify what makes us happy and unhappy, and let go of the things that don’t serve us. This leads to greater well-being and increased happiness and fulfillment.

Additionally, studies have shown that happy memories are more likely to be recalled than unhappy ones, so it’s important to focus on the positive. I recommend a new perspective to discover true happiness and wisdom. It may be scary at first, but consider counseling with a psychologist, especially if you are in a depressive state. A psychologist can provide you with expert guidance or something else like a new task or strategy to reaching a higher level of happiness.

You can also become your ideal self by becoming a volunteer with a non-profit club and embracing the joy one receives in doing so!

Daily habits

Daily habits may help us achieve happiness. Smiling, for example, is a facial habit that can help improve our mood and make us feel more pleasant. Taking a nap may also help satisfy our need for well-being and inner peace.

And one of my favorite activities is to simply journal! Journaling can provide a new path of real hope in receiving a little happiness here and a little more happiness which afterward accumulates to more joy into your life!

Being grateful for the big things and the small things in our lives can help increase our happiness. And finally, making a mistake and then taking care to correct it can help us confront our unhappiness and overcome it.


1. I want to be happy again but I just don’t know how?.

From the section above, ‘5 Ways To Get Back To Happy’, the five ways are:
(1) you must live in the present;
(2) let go of negative thoughts;
(3) be kind;
(4) get healthy and have an active lifestyle; and
(5) laugh more and you will smile more. For more insight, please read this inspiring blog:
“Finding Happiness – 5 Easy Steps to Get Your Smile Back”

2. How do I move on and be happy again?

Sometimes the key to becoming happy again depends on WHY you’re so unhappy. Did you have a major life event or a breakup or are you having difficulty getting beyond forgiving someone who has hurt you deeply? For more insight, please read these inspiring blogs:
“The Power of Forgiveness can be a Life-changer.”

3. How do you get the joy back in your life?

Happiness is a choice. Make the conscious decision that you want to be happy again and bring joy back into your life. To help you in reclaiming your happiness and joy, find yourself again while facing life struggles, please read this inspiring blog about how gratitude can bring joy back into your life:
“Master the Art of Gratitude with These 15 Tips”

4. How can I be happy again after a broken heart?

It’s hard to rediscover your smile when you hurt inside.  Time does indeed heal wounds.  You must believe in the extraordinary healing power of finding your smile again and navigating your way back to living. To read more on tips on how to be happy again after a broken heart, check this blog out:
“5 Tips on How to Smile Again in Times of Struggle and Heartbreak”

5. Can you force yourself to be happy?

While it is a very true statement, that ‘happiness is a choice’, you simply cannot force yourself to be happy if you’re not willing to take acceptance first of your current situation.

I Just Want to Be Happy Quotes

Happiness is a feeling that everyone seeks. It can come from happy memories or from big things that satisfy us. However, sometimes it is the small, pleasant memories that make us truly happy.

They remind us to take care of ourselves and to enjoy the happy life we have been given. Smile and be grateful for the joy you have been given. True happiness comes from within.

That said, I present 10 of my favorite original and unique ‘I Just Want To Be Happy Quotes’ I wrote myself:

“Smile… Smile More… Keep Smiling & Feel the Joy of Happiness!”

“Your Brand New Life Only Begins When You ‘Allow’ It To!”

“Gratitude Plus Intentional Kindness Equal ‘Sustained Happiness!”

“Let ‘Serendipity’ Find You & Shower You with Happiness!”

“Personal Happiness is How we Choose to Live Our Life. It’s Not a Destination, it is a ‘State of Being!'”

“There’s Nothing More Than Experiencing the Powerful Emotion of ‘Tears of Happiness!’

“Those Who do the Most for Others, are Those who are the Most ‘Happiest!'”

“Do You Want to Feel ‘Instantly Better? Then Simply Grin… Then Smile… Then ‘Laugh!’ RINSE & REPEAT!”

“‘Belly laughs’ are the highest vibration you can achieve of happiness!”

“See how happiness looks on you! SMILE at your mirror each morning!”

For more tips and strategies on how to become happy again, I authored the book, ‘I Just Want To Be Happy Again’ and it is available in paperback from Amazon. Many situations of how to achieve happiness guides readers to take simple steps to become happy again like a breath of fresh air!

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  2. Beth Elkassih, your openness about wanting to find happiness again is commendable. Remember that happiness can be discovered in various ways, and online games can be a source of joy in your journey. They provide moments of escape, connection with others, and opportunities for personal growth. Your willingness to explore different avenues for happiness is inspiring. Keep seeking those moments of joy, both in the virtual world of online games and in your everyday life.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this very in depth and great post as most of us have been there (at some point in time) and yes it does take a lot to work through and this has given me some new insight into people we meet and do not know what they are going through as we only see the ‘cover page’ and do not know the story written in their book of life.
    Thanks for sharing this post at Blog & Inspire Facebook Group. I have pinned and tweeted this post.

    1. Esme, thank you so much for your positive comments on my blog, ‘I Just Want To Be Happy Again.’ Alot of people hide behind their ‘smiles’ and it takes a special awareness from others and close friends to have their radar on and be able to reach out to them. Thanks again for your kind words.

  4. Wonderful and informative post! I really appreciate the tips and the focus on Smiling Depression – it’s more common than most people know but barely anyone discusses it. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Love the things you listed to help you get your happiness back. I find that living in the present moment is such a huge first step as so many people not only dwell on the past but truly get stuck in the past. And it is such a horrible place to be at. One thing, I know from experience that has helped some people to find their spark is helping others, especially volunteering. Regardless if it was working with animals, helping out at their kids’ school or getting involved in their church, it seems to give people purpose and bring back joy.

  6. Such a great post..I had never thought about this before but it makes so much sense. we forget so many thing and feel sad easily specially in this pandemic.Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you for this. As someone who has been living with depression (diagnosed and currently working on management with my Dr), you’ve pointed out some great things that I know I need to remember. You’re right – while we can CHOOSE to be happy, we have to make sure that we’re not just putting on that fake smile and acting like everything is okay. The biggest thing that I’ve noticed in our society is that, for some reason, we’re constantly being told that we have to be ‘okay’ all the time. That if you’re not okay, there’s something wrong with you. But it’s okay to not be okay, and it’s okay to acknowledge that and ask for help when needed. The sooner we normalize being honest about our struggles, the better!

  8. Okay wow so many comments, but I had to come over from your Pinterest page to comment because I absolutely love that every pin says made you smile again!!! Talk about speaking it into existence! Then I also feel like the world needs you more than ever with so many people recovering or still healing from this pandemic and just life. Our seasons of life didn’t halt just bc of the pandemic! and your post proved valuable! Loved it.

    1. Wow!Thank you so much for your comments. They are truly inspiring to me in reinforcing my overall mission of providing encouragement, inspiration and thought-provoking content to those who face everyday struggles. And more importantly, to do my part in removing the stigma of mental illness.

  9. I love your article because it really serves as an important reminder for myself and others dealing with the stresses and worries of everyday life. I too have been sad and the what spoke out to me most is being in the present – it’s something I struggle with and am working on but just want to thank you for the great reminder 🙂

    1. Hannah, I’m so glad you found comfort in this article. Just know, you can always reach out. Anytime to your friends, confident, doctor or even myself as a mental health advocate. Many blessings.

  10. Thank you for talking about depression since there is still an unfortunate stigma about it. I’m currently writing this wearing my American Foundation for Suicide Prevention t-shirt I received after participating in their annual Out of Darkness walks. And, you’re absolutely right that when you smile, feel good neurotransmitters are released. But, as you pointed out, if we have clinical depression, there aren’t many feel good neurotransmitters to be released. Depression is curable so thank you for the awareness, especially during Suicide awareness month!

  11. Great post! I’m guilty of sometimes smiling through the low days because I don’t want to burden others with my troubles. I do have some wonderfully supportive friends who are always so helpful when I do share. It’s so important to work through your low points because there are always better days!

  12. That’s a huge topic for me.
    A few years ago, I’ve felt for the first time that I’m not happy.
    I had a really unhealthy lifestyle, my life been full of stress, I didn’t try to step out from my comfort zone, and so on..
    Therefore, I had to change it, I’ve lost weight, started meditating, doing yoga, socializing, taking cold showers, and I started to try new things that I’ve never done before in order to stay away from my comfort zone.
    All of the above helped me and still helping me to achieve my goals, become happier, and become my best self.
    Thanks for your advice, I’ve really enjoyed reading it 😊

  13. Mental health is a tough topic. There are many people hiding behind forced smiles. It can be hard for people to reach out. But there is happiness on the other side. And it can be a relief to tell someone how you are feeling. Fantastic tips for finding happiness again. Thanks for this post.

  14. Beth, thank you for giving practical reasons to be happy. During this trying time, I find myself looking for ways to improve my attitude.

  15. Great article really!! I suffer from post-graduate depression I don’t know if it’s a real medical term but the depression is REAL I am now working on feeling all positive and practising gratitude. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Rawda, thank you so much for your kind comemnts on my blog, ‘Why Can’t I just Be Happy?” Yes, practicing gratitude does indeed go a long way in coping with all kinds of depression. Many blessings.

    1. Dev, thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog,’Why Can’t I Just Be Happy?”. I’m so glad you found it informative. So glad to hear that you’re fine now. Continued blessings to you.

  16. Beth, this is beautiful.
    I recently came across a quote that I shared on Instagram that asks, ‘are you really happy or just really comfortable?’
    Let’s face it- for a really long time – we only had to use streamline news channels on Television, magazines, and newspapers to access what was supposedly entertainment. But the moment social media kicked in, that was a switch at the click of a button to control what defined entertainment. This flip from receiving ‘controlled’ happiness to providing ‘endless’ happiness is one of the secret success of the growing number of social platforms on the world wide web.’ Memes, GIFs, selfies and short video clips contribute to happiness according to studies carried out and published online.

    But in reference to my earlier question, are we really happy or really comfortable? If we are to accept the good outcomes of social media, the need to just be happy is a priority in everyone’s list. I have dealt with those at the peak of success and are willing to paying lots of money to be happy. Others choose to step out and start charitable causes in pursuit of happiness.

    Happiness is everything and it is a personal choice today.

    1. Hazle, first, thank you for your comments. This is really thought-provoking and enlightening of what you said. You pose a very interesting question, are we really happy or just comfortable. I may use this as a future topic for a blog! Many blessings to you.

  17. Wow, i really needed to read this today. I had an extremely stressful week. You are correct, mental health should be priority. People should be more aware about mental health issues.

    1. Nina, I’m so glad you came across my blog article. Sometimes, God has a way of putting someone in your path to help you. I firmly believe in these things. Nina, you are in my prayers and I hope the holidays will be more joyful than stressful for you. Explore other articles on my blog, perhaps they can help you as well. Many blessings and positive thoughts!

  18. Interesting post! I have to admit that I’ve never heard of smile depression before. Very insightful. I like how you mention to be your own advocate for mental health. It’s true, someone will eventually help you, it just takes time. And waiting to feel better is difficult, but it will be all worth it in the end.

    1. KayJ, thanks for your kind comments. One thing my Mom always said was, “This too shall pass” and you must be patient with yourself to get to that point. But yes, it is a struggle for many and I hope I can help in some small way to be a place to be uplifted and inspired.

  19. So many of us smile and act happy when we’re not….I know I have. Mainly because we are everything to eveyrbody kids, parents…
    But you need to make time for yourself to do the things that make you happy.

  20. I can definitely relate to this. I literally did not know how to express my emotions, literally or in words. I would put on a smile even though I was feeling deeply lonely because it was the only thing I knew how to do. When I broke down crying, my friends actually started laughing at me because they thought I was playing a joke on them. I was offended at the time, but looking back, I realize that they were simply acting off the information I gave them. Since 99% of the time I was smiling and appeared happy, how could they think I was anything other than that?

    1. Kate, thank you so much for your heart-sharing comment. I believe I’m alot like you and we’re probably both what they call, ’empathatic’ where we ‘feel the emotion’ of those around us. Unfortunately, it makes us uber sensitive. Hope this post helped you. Take care.

  21. There is a big need for this! There are way too many people struggling with depression. My cousin committed suicide last year and it was a great loss. She is the reason why I started blogging. I have found my passion in helping other women find their strengths and build the awesome characteristics they already have. We get so tied up in life and taking care of everyone else we lose ourselves in the process. I struggled with depression for many, many years. But, I have found a natural way that works for me. It takes work, but it works 🙂 I appreciate your post very much.

  22. Thanks Houda. I didn’t even known ‘smile depression’ existed until I did research on this subject. Yes, mental health and overall wellbeing are very important.

    1. This right here..it was as if you had followed me around observing, and then written this about me. You are truly amazing and have a gift with words. I look forward to reading more. ?❤️

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