Simple Hacks on Ways to Make Life Easier

How to manage your life?

Simple Hacks on How on Ways to Make Life Easier

Do you ever have one of those crazy hectic days where there’s just not enough time in the day to get things done? Does it seem like your ‘to-do’ list just gets longer instead of shorter?

Do you feel that in today’s 21st century with our ever-changing advanced technology and our high-paced life, it’s impossible to live the ‘simple life’? If so, then this blog is for you.

I’m here to tell you, yes it can be done. It requires you to simplify your day, prioritize your goals, and just be better prepared. Yes, you can implement these simple hacks to make life easier and more comfortable.

So what are the secrets to making life easier? In the following paragraphs below, I’m going to share a bunch of simple hacks that will definitely make life easier for you! You will be able to implement them easily to make your life so much happier.

Yes, There are Ways to Simplify and Make Your Life Easier

Question – Does this sound like you? Do you always find yourself spending 10-15 minutes each time you’re needing to leave the house trying to track down your keys or your wallet or your cell phone??? Believe me… this was me all over… and especially when I needed to be somewhere… like 15 minutes ago, right!!!???

It wasn’t until I understood and accepted the fact that I was the problem, that I was able to do something about it! You see,  I was getting myself in the way by not simply being more organized! The solution to this seemingly chaotic, stressful situation was so simple… it was staring right at me!

Simply put… everything has its place or its own designated ‘home.’ In this example, the simple tip to make my life so much easier was simply creating a key rack, finding the spot on the wall in the entry hall to place it, and there you have it! A designated place for my keys, and everybody else’s keys in our households to go!  This one tip improved my life and saved me a lot of time and energy.

So, as you can see, this one simple hack of getting yourself organized is priceless! It’s all about ‘finding a ‘home’ for everything from your keys to your children’s toys to your DIY tools to your hats, gloves & umbrellas… This allows you to find everything quickly and easily. And talk about living stress-free!  

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It’s true, the key to solving these problems is in our hands. Let’s take a closer look at some more simple life hacks to help you achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.

12 Clever Ways to Make Life Easier

Check out these additional 12 clever hacks or ways to simplify and make your life easier!

Hack No. 1 – Declutter, declutter, declutter.

Did I say declutter? I can’t stress it enough. You must get organized. It’s not just about keys and how we keep our home and office, it’s truly about everything.  

The key to simplifying your life is to make it more organized and less chaotic.  This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people fall into the trap of not cleaning up after themselves.

There are so many areas of our life that we also need to take time to declutter. It includes our closets, social media, perhaps our inner circle of friends, and even decluttering our mind!

A side benefit of decluttering is this… you don’t just get rid of the things you don’t need, you also get rid of the things that are holding you back. Learn to ditch the things you no longer need and stop trying to hang on to things that don’t serve any value.

And that’s when the magic happens.

Once you’ve cleared away the clutter, you’ll be able to see what’s really important to you. You’ll be able to get rid of the things that are holding you back and focus on what’s important. (And that includes getting rid of ‘toxic’ friends…)

And that’s the secret to making life easier.

Hack No. 2 – Be On Time For Everything

Do you find you’re always running late? It’s so important to be on time for everything… in fact, strive to be 15 minutes earlier before each appointment. When you strive to make this an intentional habit, you will not only become stress-free and refreshed, but this small change will indeed get noticed.

Being on time for appointments is a simple hack, but one that can add up. When you’re always on time for meetings and appointments, you set yourself apart from your peers. It shows that you have respect not for just ‘time’ in of itself, but also to the people who are counting on you.

Need I say, that once you make this a habit, the benefit could be as easy as getting a promotion much earlier than you expected! Plus… your family will appreciate you for it as well!

Hack No. 3 – Put Structure & Routine in Your Life

Put structure & routine in your life,

Here’s the secret to living a simpler, happier life:

  • Make a routine for yourself,
  • set up a routine for each day and
  • stick to it.

Routine is a good thing. It helps you feel more organized, efficient, and less stressed. Plus, it makes your life run smoother, and it feels better to have things done the same way every day.

The trick is to not be too structured. That means that you have to figure out when you feel like you’re getting too structured and when you’re okay with a little bit of structure. Here are some tips on how to set up your routine.

Make sure you have the right amount of structure, and you will be able to accomplish everything you need to get done. It might sound a little too ‘schedule-y,’ but if you’re not having a structured day, you’ll find that your day is all over the place.

A routine is a perfect solution to your daily chaos. Not only do you know exactly what you need to do but you will be ready to tackle each and every day productively!

Hack No. 4 – Determine Your ‘PERSONAL’ Productive Time.

A very important aspect of making life easier is being able to determine the most productive time of the day. This is actually a very personal thing. Being intentional with your time can help improve the quality of your life and make life a whole lot easier to manage.

For instance, you may find that your most productive time of the day is immediately after your ‘cup of fresh brew’ in the morning from 10 a.m. to 12 Noon. Or perhaps you’re more of an afternoon person.

Or if you’re like me, it seems I can crank out the most content between the hours of 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in the evening after dinner and after my dishes are washed and cleaned.

The point is… once you know when your ‘personal’ productive time is, then you can start ‘scheduling’ those tasks that need more of your focus and attention to have higher priority. 

Let’s continue to make our life easier with these other simple hacks, shall we?

Hack #5 – Automate, Automate, Automate – Paying Your Bills

I’m sure it would not surprise you to learn that one of the top sources of stress in our lives is the matter of money. But really, there’s so much you can do to minimize this stress.  

With today’s technology of automation and the internet, you should set up and pay bills on an automatic monthly schedule like clockwork. 

The benefits are simple. 

  1. Your bills will always be paid on time. 
  2. You don’t have to worry about late fees. 
  3. Plus you’ll improve your credit!

Hack #6 – Set Up a Smart Voice Mail Message

I know this hack may not come easily to mind but it really can make your life so much easier and cut down on playing ‘phone tag’ with your family or clients. It’ll only take just ten minutes of your time but once in place, it shall eliminate having to take time out thru-out your day the time-consuming task of checking your voicemail.

Yes, the ability to just quickly glance and read a ‘text message’ is the more efficient way to go!

Set up a smart voice mail message and let people know in your recorded voice mail message that to get a faster response, to please leave a text message or an email. This in turn saves time and cuts down on unnecessary phone calls.

Hack No. 7 – Know When to Delegate & Don’t Ever Be Afraid to Ask!

You can’t do everything yourself, especially when it comes to running a business. You’ve got a lot going on in your life, and it’s easy to fall behind. It’s important to know when to delegate and when to say no.

Sometimes you’ll need to delegate to others to help you get things done. This is when you have to be sure that you are asking for help and that you are giving them the right resources. Otherwise, you’ll end up spreading yourself too thin and missing out on opportunities. You don’t want to be overloaded with an out-of-control inbox of tasks that need to be done.

At the same time, don’t ever be afraid to ask for anything and everything! This is a key to both happiness and success. But it’s also key to making your life easier.

Why? Because simply… if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no… Successful people always ask because they may get a resounding ‘yes’ or perhaps not a ‘yes’ but another opportunity they didn’t have before!

(For additional reading, be sure to check out this article entitled “Six Traits All Successful & Happy People.”)

Hack No. 8 – Be Responsible About Managing Social Media & Emails

Social media is a powerful tool. It’s the best way to reach your target audience and engage with them. However, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of social media and lose track of your own personal goals.

How much time do you spend on social media every day?

How much time do you spend on your email?

How much time do you spend on your phone?

It’s a vicious cycle, right?

A simple hack to make your life a lot less hectic and easier is a couple of things. First, set up designated times when you’re checking your email. Perhaps once in the morning, after lunch, and one hour before finishing work.

Second, do you really need all those followers on Facebook or Instagram or TikTok, etc? If they’re not adding value to you personally or to your business, then spend a day and weed them out. Don’t waste time maintaining an extra 100 followers or so when simply they are not needed or necessary.

Hack No. 9 – Stop Procrastination in Its Tracks

Stop procrastination in its tracks.

In today’s day and age, everyone is always glued to their phone, laptop, or desktop, all while trying to multitask. It’s no wonder why many of us procrastinate when there’s just too much going on. We oftentimes find ourselves getting stuck, trapped and wasting mental energy.

This means that many of us don’t give ourselves enough time to do the necessary tasks that we should do to keep our workloads manageable. Sooner than later you WILL get caught missing a deadline. You can run away as much as you want, but the reality is… you can’t get away from the fact it is what it is no matter how much you try to justify it.

Guys! Why are you stressing yourselves out needlessly? The reality is that when you do give yourself the time you need, you actually give yourself more time to get things done!

And let me ask you another question… how much time do you waste by doing other ‘meaningless’ tasks just to keep you busy so you can say you ‘ran out of time’!  So stop this bad habit and create a new habit and make your life easier!

Hack No. 10 – Pair Down Your Wardrobe

Pairing down your wardrobe will instantly make your life much easier each day.

If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of clothes (and for us girls… a lot of shoes…) in your closet. You probably think that having a lot of clothes is important and necessary.  We buy stuff way more than we should and we find ourselves holding onto more than we truly need.

But I’m suggesting that you don’t skimp on value and quality but rather simply select three or four wardrobe colors. By doing so, there shall be fewer decisions on what to wear each morning.

Do this and you’ll never have to think twice about what to wear anymore. Matching and mixing are easy to do with this system and getting dressed becomes incredibly simple by being organised,

And not only does this make your life a little bit easier each morning, you actually can save a bit of money at the same time! Plus… you’ll be instantly known for your ‘style!’

Hack No. 11 – Quit Neglecting Your Health! Self-Care is a Must!

Do you find yourself constantly neglecting your health!  Self-care is a must! Self-care includes both our physical and mental well-being as well.

Self-care is a must-have. We know that. We also know that it is easily quite neglected when we have a very busy and hectic lifestyle.  But self-care is important and something we must do for ourselves. It shall instantly make us feel better about ourselves and in turn, simply more happier.

But why is self-care so important? Well, firstly, health is wealth. It is also the foundation for a happy, productive, and successful life.

And the healthiest thing to do in your life is to invest in yourself. There are no shortcuts.

When you take care of yourself, your body, and your mind, then you position yourself to be your most productive self. You become more efficient and simply get more things done and life well… it simply makes life much easier and pleasant to live!

Hack No. 12 – Be Grateful Daily & Don’t Neglect Your Spiritual Needs

If you’re feeling stressed, then take time to be grateful. You’ll feel better, you’ll feel lighter, you’ll feel healthier, and you’ll feel happier.

All you need is a notebook which you probably already have. Just take 10 to 15 minutes each day to daily jot down three things that you’re grateful for that given day.

And when you feel happier, you’ll be able to handle the situations you face in a much better way. This in turn makes your life much easier to live as well as having joy back into your life, right!

In addition, let’s not forget the importance of nurturing your soul and taking care of your spiritual needs. Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is so important to include your personal prayers, meditation, etc. in expressing your beliefs, etc.

This is so powerful in uncomplicating our life.

Final Words

It’s important to make your life easier. And yes, it’s easier said than done. I hope that the above 12 simple hacks provided shall prove to be helpful in your journey to truly make your life easier and less stressful. 

It’s these little things that when put in place make a big difference in how we end up feeling.

Thank you for reading and please join the conversation by leaving your comments below.

Simple Hacks on Ways to Make Life Easier

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