Introducing Beth Elkassih...

I crawled out of that 'dark rabbit hole' of acute depression & reclaimed my happiness and I can do the same thing for you!
Beth Elkassih

I'm a motivational speaker, best-selling author, and passionate advocate for mental health and well-being.

As a professional blogger and creator of 'Made You Smile Back.'
I strive to do my part to help remove the stigma of mental illness.

After 'walking the walk' of recovering from acute depression and anxiety, I learned how to reclaim my happiness and experience joy again in my life, but it didn't come easy.
Today, I can now 'talk-the-talk' and am a certified

NAMI Family Support Group Facilitator in Tarrant County, Texas


'Made You Smile Back was a result of my desire to provide an additional 'online resource' for those of us who struggle with life challenges in a no-judgment zone to come together as a community and share meaningful 'conversation.'

As a result, in addition to over 175+ articles on the subject of 'Achieving Happiness', I also offer one-on-one Happiness Life Coaching!

Best-Selling Author

In 2019, I wrote my 1st best-selling book on Amazon, "The Power of Unexpected Miracles". This book is about the true story of the survival of my 3rd daughter and myself during her birth at age 41 and the series of ‘blessings in disguise' or ‘miracles’ which occurred during the recovery of experiencing acute post-partum depression.

My 2nd best-seller, "I Just Want To Be Happy Again" was published in 2021, also on Amazon. In addition, 4 journals have been published with a 2nd Edition of both books coming out in 2023.

Join me in discovering the 'Made You Smile Back' Experience!CLICK FOR FREE EBOOK: 
I had an amazing happiness session with Beth - and it was fantastic. Really made me smile back. Love her attitude, and pragmatic ideas. Highly recommended.

Haley Lynn Gray

Visiting Beth’s Facebook page and blog is a must!! You will be greeted with positivity and guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face! She absolutely will, ” Make You Smile Back!” I highly recommend!!

Brenda Garza-West

I appreciate the positive and uplifting things that I read on this page. Everyone needs more of this kind of positive inspiration and encouragement.

Janet Rose

Hi Everyone!

I’m Beth Elkassih and I am the creator of “Made You Smile Back” which was published in October 2018. As you can tell, I LOVE to write. 

But more importantly, I love writing thought-provoking content that captures my readers’ attention and engagement. Many of my blog articles have been curated by the popular online magazine known as ‘Medium’ and published also in the ‘Illumination’ publication.

I am also an Author. My first book, ‘The Power of Unexpected Miracles’ is about the true story of the survival of my 3rd daughter and myself during her birth at age 41 and the series of ‘blessings in disguise’or‘miracles’which occurred during the recovery of experiencing acute post-partum depression.

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‘The Power of Unexpected Miracles’ ended up being a Best Seller on Amazon in 2 categories and an International Best Seller in Australia, United Kingdom and Canada in 2019... In addition, I am also the co-author of 3 journals created with Umair Qureshi of Zulzan with additional books and journals forthcoming.

I invite everyone to join Made You Smile Back’s growing Facebook Group, Achieving Happiness where encouragement, inspiration and thought- provoking content is shared in a private, non-judgment zone as well. And just recently became a certified Happiness Lifestyle Coach and Motivational Speaker. 

My education includes attending Truman University in Kirksville MO and Michigan State University in Business Administration studies from 1975- 1979. I became a Licensed Realtor in 2006. I am currently married and have three daughters living in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area.

Join me in discovering the 'Made You Smile Back' Experience!

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