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"Thank you for visiting 'Made You Smile Back'.  I value you as a reader and welcome any comments to make this a place where one can come back often to gain insightful knowledge and enlightenment.  

I'm new as a blogger but it is my intent to bring topics to my audience which are meaningful and relevant.  While I do want to always strive to emphasize the 'positive' side of all issues, I am not afraid to dive and explore topics for our age group that are somewhat ignored or dismissed.  

As an example,  I plan to do a future topic about the reality of 'being alone, isolated and even afraid of passing'.  So...  please, don't hold back and leave me a message and I promise to reply within 24-48 hours.  And those of you who want to do a 'guest post' about a subject you know a lot about, by all means, let me know.  

This is the place to personally contact me, while subscribing is simply registering with this website to be notified of future posts and/or newsletters (but please, do subscribe as well if you'd like!).  Meanwhile, have a blessed day."

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