Let me ask you a Question...

What is Happiness worth to you?

For me, happiness is worth everything. For me, it is the essence of life.

That’s why I love helping my clients to get happy and stay happy so they can succeed in every area of their lives.

A Happiness Coach brings your heart and mind together so you can discover true happiness of spirit. The saying that happiness is a choice is correct: so a purposeful approach is essential to building inner happiness. 

what people are saying about the 'made you smile back' experience...

I love this! Laughter has SO many benefits and we need it more than ever right now. With everything going on, the negativity can feel overwhelming. However, we can find a little light to brighten our day if we just embrace the humour in our daily lives.

Britt K

Great post Beth! This is something everyone needs with all that is going on in the world. Loved your tips on how to make someone smile or do a gesture that can make their day. Thank you for sharing as you made my day!???

Denise Gardiner

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Great post Beth. I love how you give the views of various cultures on the topic of finding your life purpose. The Japanese interpretation appeals to me the most. The structure of the content would act as a kind of GPS for people who feel ‘stuck’ in their lives. I also like the advice about the steps to take for 21 days to find one's passion and purpose in life.


Disclosure Statement
Hi everyone! Do know I am not a doctor or a mental health professional.  I’m just someone who has lived with anxiety and have survived acute post-partum depression and clinical depression who is passionate about sharing my experience and strategies to help those who are struggling to find their way back to happiness.  In order to help others, I became a Certified Life Happiness Coach to promote a better way of life for others and to do my part to remove the ‘stigma of mental illness’.

If you are in a crisis, please call your doctor or 911 or if necessary, the National Suicide Hotline @ 800-273-TALK (8255).

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