Six Traits All Happy & Successful People Have PLUS… The Most Secret 7th Trait Revealed!

6 Traits All Happy & Successful People Have Plus The Most Secret 7th Trail Revealed! Made You Smile Back
Six Traits All Happy & Successful People Have PLUS... The Most Secret 7th Trait Revealed!

Traits All Happy & Successful People Have Plus… the Most Secret Trait Revealed!

Made You Smile Back is pleased to present this informative and enlightening article discussing not only the six personality traits all happy and successful people possess, but also the ‘most secret trait’ revealed as well!

In fact, this blog article was inspired by someone who not only possesses these six popular characteristics of happy and successful people but has ‘mastered’ the most powerful secret trait of them all! But before you start scrolling ahead to find out what this coveted, highly desirable trait is, you need to fully understand these first six traits.

Six Traits of Happy and Successful People Plus the Secret 7th Trait of All! Made You Smile Back
Photo by Comfreak © on Pixabay

Made You Smile Back will then share tips and show YOU how you can develop these 7 traits as well! (Don’t worry, at the end of this blog, I shall be more than happy to share with you who this happy and successful person is!)

So what are we waiting for! Let’s begin our discovery. Would it surprise you at all to know that the same brilliant Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert Einstein known for his Theory of Relativity is also credited for creating a Theory for Happiness! Take a look at this YouTube video and watch and learn!

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Let’s also take a moment and reflect on what Norman Vincent Peale had to say about happiness and success.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.”

Norman vincent peale
Happy and Successful People Leave Clues, Made You Smile Back
Image by Geralt © on Pixabay

Happy & Successful People Leave Behind ‘Clues’!

Want to know why happy people are successful? Fortunately, happy and successful people leave plenty of clues on why they are who they are. There are definite certain traits or characteristics one observes easily from them.

Six Traits All Happy & Successful People Have Plus... the Secret 7th Trait Revealed! Made You Smile Back
Image by Comfreak© on Pixabay

Let’s examine the qualities of happiness versus successful habits they possess:

  • Happy people easily let things go and forgive and forget. Successful people see problems merely as opportunities in disguise.
  • Happy people have huge dreams. Successful people simply dream big always.
  • Happy people are kind and treat people as they would treat others (i.e., Golden Rule). Successful people respect their fellow colleagues and is open to new ideas for their own personal development and growth.
  • Happy people easily express gratitude. Successful people always acknowledge their peers and seek out ‘mentors’ of whom they are grateful for.

Want to Know ‘Why’ Happy People Are Successful?

Six Traits Happy & Successful People Have Plus... The Most Secret 7th Trait Revealed, Made You Smile Back
Photo by Karosieben© on Pixabay
  • Happy people always find the ‘good’ in others. Successful people always know his/her own strengths.
  • Happy people take full responsibility for their life and what happens. Successful people embrace full responsibility and see failures or mishaps as learning experiences that move them forward towards ultimate success.
  • Happy people live in the present moment. Successful people are always planning ahead with Plan B or C. They live in the moment, yes, but they always have their eye on their future.
  • Happy people surround themselves with other happy people. Successful people surround themselves with other successful people.
  • Happy people have high self-esteem and confidence. Successful people also exhibit strong self-esteem and confidence and in addition, constantly seek out knowledge.
Six Traits of Happy & Successful People Plus... The Secret 7th Trait Revealed! Made You Smile Back
Image by Canva Pro © & Design by Beth Elkassih

More Qualities that Happy & Successful People Share

There are so many qualities we just can’t overlook. Here are some more:

  • Happy people do not seek nor need the approval of others. Likewise, successful people also don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
  • Happy people are honest. Successful people have integrity.
  • Both happy and successful people are good listeners. They listen to ‘understand’ not with the intent to ‘reply’.
  • Happy people change what they can and accept what they cannot. Successful people easily prioritize their goals and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Together, both happy & successful people choose their own destiny.
  • Both happy and successful people also have strong faith in their own spirituality and/or religion. This can not be overlooked.
Six Traits of Happy & Successful People Have PLUS... the Secret 7th Trait Revealed, Made You Smile Back
Photo by Qimono © on Pixabay

Is it Any Wonder that the Happiest People Are Also the Most Successful People?

What did we learn from examining all the above qualities mentioned above?

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Six Powerful Traits People who are Both Happy & Successful Must Have

I know traits are also known as personality characteristics and even the qualities mentioned above go a long way in determining who we are as a person. But what are the more important traits in others who are both happy and successful? Let’s dive in deeper and explore.

  1. They are both ‘intrinsically driven’. According to Andreo Corso, Contributing Editor for Huffington Post, “their inspiration and drive come from within. It’s not about money, title, or anything external or material. It’s about how what they’re doing feels to them. Does it make them happy? It is serving a purpose? Are they serving others? If the answers are yes, they keep going. And if not, they don’t. They know their joy and enthusiasm for what they’re doing and how they’re living life is contagious and inspires others. That motivates them to continue to live in a joyful and enthusiastic way. ” Their self-discipline is evident and nothing is possible without it.
  2. They both ‘believe in their dreams’. To be both happy and successful, the key is to believe in yourself when no one else does. If you listen to your critics you can’t achieve what you want. Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals and never listen to your critics. 
  3. They both have ‘resilience’. Angela Lee Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania says that grit is the single quality that guarantees success, based on her ground-breaking studies. Talent will not take the place of persistence and resilience. As Ms. Duckworth further explained, “Steve Jobs is a great example of this. He was fired from the company he started but in his wilderness, he started another company NeXT and bought Pixar. Then he patiently waited for his second coming to Apple and as they say, the rest is history. You can be down but never out “
  4. They both have ‘passion’ Passion ignites reservoirs of resilience. It is the fuel in which a happy and successful person uses toward skyrocketing towards their goals. They are not afraid of hard work and knows that ‘practice’ makes perfect. They look at ‘failures’ as part of the process and take every opportunity to learn and move forward. And as Richard Marcinko says, “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.”
  5. They both take care of themselves better, both physically and mentally.  The simple truth is happy and successful people take care of themselves better. They try to ensure that there is proper rest and balance in their lives. If you want to achieve all you want out of your life you need to ensure that you are at your best most of the time. Energy is required to go forward towards your closely cherished dreams. In addition, these wonderful people also maintain a positive mental attitude.  Being grateful for what we have while striving for more is actually a great way to stay positive. When you are positive about the day you just get on with the accomplishment of your tasks with even more vigor. Furthermore, nothing is more important than your inner peace and overall happiness. 
  6. They both have exceptional ‘communication skills’. Clarity is the key to communicating effectively. The happy and successful person knows how to listen ‘what is not heard’, listens to ‘understand’ and can easily ‘empathize‘ with others.

These are the six traits that all happy and successful people have! Are you now ready for the ‘Big Reveal’ and find out what the SECRET 7th Trait is!?!

The SECRET 7th Trait of Happy & Successful People is…

“Successful & Happy People are NOT AFRAID to ASK!”

Mernell King, Director of Training for GreenLight Training LLC, says it well, “If you don’t ask, you won’t get…”

Six Traits All Happy & Successful People Have Plus... the Secret 7th Trait Revealed, Made You Smile Back

This is the secret and in my mind, the most highly desirable trait that a happy and successful person can have. Yes, they tend to be ‘risk-takers‘ but in strategic ways.

Think about it. I witnessed this trait first-hand over the course of the past year from someone who I regard as both happy and successful. I discovered ‘why’ this trait is both powerful and effective. Again, successful people are NOT AFRAID to ASK! So… why is this so valuable?

If you ask for something and put ‘yourself out there’, you will NEVER KNOW what opportunities are awaiting you. If you ask, then who knows, the answer may be a resounding ‘sure, why not!‘ Or… if you ask, perhaps the response may be, ‘I can’t do that for you, but I CAN DO THIS FOR YOU!’ And you know what, perhaps THIS response will provide even more potential opportunities better than the simple yes!

Of course, you can also get a ‘no’ for an answer…. but how will you know UNLESS YOU ASK! This my friends is the secret trait that you must all learn to develop and have. Put yourself out there. You have nothing to lose but ‘everything’ to gain.


1. How can I be both happy and successful?

According to Emma Seppala, you should strive to find happiness first. Success will naturally follow. Here are her 7 scientifically proven tips that lead to happiness and result in success:

1) Live in the moment
2) Learn to be resilient
3) Master your energy
4) Be idle sometimes
5) Practice self-compassion
6) Challenge yourself
7) Be kind to others

2. What habits can help make someone happy or successful?

Happy people find success more easily. So, you should strive to practice habits that boost both your happiness and success. A few such habits are:

* Show gratitude
* Practice forgiveness
* Spend quality time with loved ones

3. Is it better to be happy or successful?

Current research leans toward happiness first. There is no guarantee that a successful person is happy. In fact, success often brings qualities like greed, overwork, the sacrifice of time with loved ones, and stress to maintain it. But happiness lays the foundation for a positive mindset and the exhibition of values like creativity, persistence, and self-discipline which in turn leads to success.

4. What career is the happiest?

According to research by CareerBliss, the happiest job is that of a teaching assistant. It’s a ‘ feel-good‘ job in that the pay is not spectacular but the job satisfaction is immense. You get to work with children and help them progress. It can also be a career that gives kids the educational foundation for life that could result in them being valued members of society.

5. What should I do every day to be successful?

First, practice happiness habits daily. Then build a morning routine that includes a few of these self-improvement techniques:

* Get up early.
* Meditate
* Exercise
* Journal
* Create an action list of doable items for the day

Special Acknowledgment to Poovanesh Pather, Contributing Writer for FAQ

Six Traits All Happy & Successful People Have PLUS... the Secret 7th Trait Revealed, Made You Smile Back

In Summary, the 7 Total Traits of Happy & Successful People

So, how would YOU like to learn how you too can become not only a happier person but a successful one as well? To recap, strive to do all these 7 ‘must-have’ traits:

  1. Be Intrincially Driven.
  2. Believe in Your Dreams.
  3. Be Resilient.
  4. Be Passionate and Hard-Working.
  5. Practice Self-Care and Maintain a Positive Attitude.
  6. Develop Exceptional Communication Skills — Effective Listening and Empathy.

And the Final ‘SECRET’ Trait You Must Learn Is:


As creator of Made You Smile Back, I would like to take this opportunity to do a ‘shout out’ to Umair Qureshi, creator of WPSTAIRS and Founder/Owner of Zulzan. He is my web-developer, graphics designer and consultant for my blog. It is through working and observing this brilliant gentleman in the past year that I discovered and learned about this ‘secret 7th trait’ of what it takes to be both truly happy and successful.

So now it’s your turn! Join in the conversation below and leave a comment! And don’t forget to Subscribe!

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  1. Happy people definitely possess many of the characteristics you described. Helping others and being grateful for what you have are definitely big ways to increasing happiness. They help you realize that there are others who have harder life than you do and make you more appreciative of what you have. Great article.

  2. Great tips and a much-needed reminder of what we should be focusing on if we are trying to build a happy, successful life for ourselves. I am glad that you mentioned passion. It really can be the deal breaker in life, a lesson that I learned firsthand. I was doing well in my previous career, however, I was never happy because my heart wasn’t really in it. It was a paycheck, but nothing more. I took a BIG chance and did a complete 180 career-wise, leaving the security of the corporate world to run my own business from home. The result? I’ve been happier than ever!

  3. It is so nice to read such postive post during a hard times like this one due to Coronavirus. lots of helpfull tips noted. Thanks for sharing and keep writing.

  4. Excellent article! It is a gold mine for little nuggets to be ruminated on. The link to the video was very cool and I had no idea Einstein was so emotionally evolved.

  5. this is an authentic post.
    all happy people have these qualities with them for sure!
    the seventh secret is awesome!
    thanks for sharing.

  6. hey BETH,
    love this post!
    great read.
    I will agree with everything in this post, but the standout is, successful people surround themselves with successful people! environment is dam important, sorry for the language.

  7. I often find as a very independent single woman, asking for help is not always the easiest thing to do. I think we get used to doing so much by ourselves that we forget to ask for help sometimes. Over the past year, I have begun asking a lot more. I am a perfectionist and so letting go of the idea that if I don’t do it, then it won’t be done right goes right along with that asking for help thing ! Great post. Thanks for sharing !

  8. Resilience is definitely crucial to being a happy and successful person. You will always experience ups and downs, and if you have the capacity to see the silver lining in every situation, then you already win at life.

  9. Very happy and refreshing post! I am subscribing right now. I love all your post and I really love reading this traits. Thanks for this wonderful advice.

  10. That’s a really good way to look at happiness – find out how happy people do it. I agree that having drive and purpose is a big part of it. That and learning to shrug off failure and conflict. Great advice. Thanks!

  11. You made such interesting distinctions, sometimes so slight, between happy and successful people. Very enjoyable!

  12. What a whole wonderful blog full of inspiration and upliftment . Thank you so much for giving so many upliftment.

  13. Thank you for this great article! Resilience and determination are definitely two incredible qualities that you practice (over and over again!) on the way to your dreams. Thank you for the reminder x

  14. Such an inspirational and motivating post! I especially like this one “Happy people take full responsibility for their life and what happens. Successful people embrace full responsibility and see failures or mishaps as learning experiences that move them forward towards ultimate success.”

      1. I love this! So uplifting and inspiring! The final trait, not being afraid to ask, seems to me to be deeply connected to our sense of self-worth. Do we believe we deserve what we want to ask for? What a tremendous difference it makes to be able to answer yes to that question! Thank you for sharing this. Definitely planted some seeds for reflection. ❤️✨❤️

  15. Thank you for writing such an informative and interesting article. I always aim to be a happy person but seeing the happiness traits laid out in writing in front of me makes it that much easier. Love your style of writing, your kindness and positivity always shines through.

  16. This is so true what you wrote on the traits and success of happy people. I have always been a naturally happy person and definitely forgive people fast and am always looking on the bright side! I love this, thanks for this post.

  17. Hi Everyone! I shall start the conversation. I am going to follow my own advice and put this out there to those who have taken the time to scroll all the way down to this comment section. ‘Successful People Are Not Afraid to Ask”! So here goes, if you would to get notified when a new inspiring, thought-provoking blog is published, please subscribe.!” If you want to get inspired with 2 different ebooks on thought-provoking quotes or powerful miracle quotes, please subscribe. Thank you.

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