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You’re at the right place if you’re ready to learn about 30 Fun Challenges for 30 Days!  A 30-day challenge is a fantastic method to challenge yourself while also being held accountable for these goals. 

“There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.”


30 Fun Challenges For 30 Days

Challenges, if done correctly, have the benefit of pushing you outside of your comfort zone.  If you’re looking for something different to do this month, then we’ve got the solution! Made You Smile Back is going to give you 30 ideas for new, fun activities that can be done in 30 days.   

In this article, you will be able to choose from dozens of suggested challenges or make up a challenge of your own. The powerful combo of focus and accountability can push you to new heights you never would have believed yourself capable of achieving.

Not only will you get a list of 30 fun challenges for 30 days, but you will also be provided ideas to do alone, challenges with your friends, and creative challenges.

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Benefits of Taking on 30 Day Challenges

People are generally motivated by challenges. People who fail to meet their goals and expectations are often described as having a “what if” attitude, a kind of psychological paralysis that leads them to avoid even trying to succeed. This is why a challenge can be so motivating.

Challenges can bring people together in building strong relationships.  Challenges can help build a cohesive ‘team’ in friendly competition and in support of each other.

Challenges are good. They’re fun, they’re creative.  As mentioned earlier, not only do they help you step outside your comfort zone, they force you to face your fears and learn to overcome them and be even more confident about yourself.

Challenges are supposed to be fun and engaging, but they can also be really frustrating when you don’t know where to start. If you’re doing a challenge with other people, this is where the community comes in. 

The idea behind making challenges a community activity is that it will provide you with motivation from the start, and make it easier for you to push through when someone else is holding you accountable.

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What Does a Challenge Mean to You?

A 30-day challenge is a period of time in which you perform a challenging task for at least 30 consecutive days. The goal of this challenge is to improve your life by adopting healthy habits and breaking bad ones. 

These challenges are also great for giving yourself some structure while also rewarding you with the sense that you’ve accomplished something in just one month!

Look, here’s the deal… a 30-day challenge can do more than just give you something to focus on during your free time; it can help you grow as a person.  Challenges can push your boundaries and make you work harder than ever before.

A challenge can mean a number of different things. For example, when a friend invites you to go mountain biking together, that’s a challenge. When you’re invited to a dinner party where you’re expected to bring a dish, that’s a challenge. 

When you’re asked to compete in a race, that’s a challenge. When a friend says, “You should join me for a weekend trip,” that’s a challenge. 

Challenges are opportunities for growth and development. They allow us to stretch ourselves and try new things. They’re meant to push us outside our boundaries and encourage us to reach or scale up to the next level.

What Are Some ‘Dare’ 30 Day Challenge Ideas?

There are many different ways to do a dare 30 challenge. The first challenge is to do something that scares you. This will help you to learn more about yourself. It will also help you to get in touch with your fears and to overcome them. It will also help you to get rid of your fears.

The challenge could be to exercise, go on a diet, or spend time with friends. You can decide which one of the dare 30-day challenge ideas you want to do. It’s good to try something new every once in a while.

Dare yourself to take 30 days to try new things. Try new recipes, see new places, try a new hobby, or try to learn a new language. Whatever you choose, you should not give up on it. Try to do a little every day to get better. You can’t expect to become a master overnight. It takes time to get better at something. Don’t be afraid to try new things. 

Listen… the only way to become a good cook is to cook. You can’t just watch television or play gaming video games all the time. You need to practice. It takes time to learn something. Start today by doing one small thing that you are interested in. Take a chance and try something new. You will have more fun if you have a goal. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it. Try to be the best you can be.

Challenge Ideas With Friends

Here are some ideas that you can try. Try to do these for a week. Then you can scale up and try doing them for 30 days.

You might be surprised at how you feel about yourself after doing them. You can also use these as a way to celebrate your success. It’s great to be proud of your successes. You can do a whole series of these challenges.

You can do one challenge every day for a month. This will give you a good way to celebrate your success. You can also use this as a way to learn about yourself. 

You’ll find out what you are good at and what you are not. You’ll learn what you are capable of doing. You can even do them with a friend or group of friends. 

This is a great way to get to know people better. If you have a friend who wants to start doing these challenges, it’s a great idea to help them. You can help each other by encouraging each other to do them. 

You can also make it a competition between you and your friend. You can tell them that if they don’t do it, you’ll do it. You can also challenge your friend to see who can do more challenges.

The bottom line is simply this… do you want to improve yourself?  Do you want to find out who you ‘really are’…  Do you want to find out ‘what you’re made of’!

Then don’t put it off any longer.  Let’s get started!

Quarantine Challenge Ideas

1. Start a gratitude list.

2. Create a “To-Do” list for the next 30 days.

3. Designate a “Do Not Disturb” sign for your door.

4. Find a creative way to exercise at home.

5. Get creative with your food! (For example, try making pasta with olive oil instead of butter.)

6.  Do a weekly review of your social media.

7. Take a selfie with something beautiful or meaningful to you.

8. Do a weekly check-in with someone important to you.

9. Set goals for yourself and take small, achievable steps to achieve them.

10. Pray and pray some more.

11. Take a moment to reflect on a favorite memory or experience.

12. Read books you’ve always wanted to read.

13. Start a journal.

14. Start an album of photos that inspire you.

15. Have a home workout playlist ready to go.

16. Make a daily exercise schedule.

17. Learn to meditate.

Never be scared to try something new since life might get monotonous if you stick to what you know.

Here’s a List of Ideas of 30 Fun 30-day challenges

Who Likes Money Challenges!  30 Day Money Challenge Ideas:

  1. Have you ever wanted to start your own side hustle!  Now’s the time to start.  Begin a side hustle outside of your regular career.  Simply break down the steps in launching a business into 30 separate segments so you can launch in 30 days.
  2. Try to reduce your monthly spending by $50 – cut one thing each day (it doesn’t have to be cumulative).
  3. Try pantry cooking – find creative ways to use the things you have in your pantry for all your meals. Only buy those grocery items that are perishable.  You can save a lot of money over the course of 30 days.
  4. Save $100 extra and add it to your emergency fund.  Find creative ways to reduce your costs or to increase your income by doing small steps at a time and watch your savings increase daily.
  5. Pay with cash (most places still take it). Some people use ‘envelopes’ and label for different types of expenses.  

My Favorite ⇒ 30 Day Happiness Challenge Ideas:

A 30-day happiness challenge is a great way to bring positivity into your life. By committing to doing one positive thing every day for the next month you will instantly see more joy and happiness at a whole new level in your life.

  1. Make the conscious effort of ‘smiling’ to everyone you meet every day.
  2. Do one or more ‘random acts of kindness’ every day.
  3. Take a photo of something that makes you happy every day.
  4. Send a text message to someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  5. Who doesn’t love gifts!  Especially when they are a serendipity delight!  Give a gift a day. Give away items others appreciate or set aside small gifts to give to random people or to send to friends.

30 Days of Recipe Challenge Ideas:

11. Have a different flavored smoothie every day!  Try different fruits and even add some spinach and protein powder to a couple!.

12. This one is special.  Who wouldn’t want to do a ‘different decadent dessert’ for 30 days!

13. Dine out to a new place or restaurant with your family or a friend. 

14. Brown-bag your lunch every day!

15. Try something new. Try a new coffee, a new tea, a new dish, or just a new fruit or vegetable every day. You may discover flavors that you never knew you needed.

16. What about doing a popular ‘diet regime’ for 30 days, like the trending ‘keto diet’!

30 Day Health & Well-Being Challenge Ideas:

17. Take a walk every day or have a step challenge. You could add 1,000 steps to your challenge each week and by the end of the challenge, you will be up to at least 5,000 steps.

18. Decrease your sugar intake – replace your normal sugar treat with a healthy alternative.

19. Start a fitness program – sign up for an online service and commit to one workout a day.

20. Take a time out – set aside 15 minutes each day to be in a quiet environment. Sit still and practice breathing in for a count of ten and out for a count of 15. Do this for 30 days in a row.

30 Day Productivity Challenge Ideas:

21. Declutter – Make a list of 30 places you know you need to clear. Some places may take more than one day so break down those places into daily sessions.

22. Create a routine and stick to it – make a list of three things you will do every day (that needs to be done) and stick to it for 30 days.

23. Split your day – try working for a set time (use a digital timer) and then exercising/stretching/doing a chore for the rest of the hour. Commit to four of these splits each day for 30 days.

Get Creative with These 30 Days of Self-Improvement Challenge Ideas:

24. Draw a picture a day – make a list of 30 images to draw or 30 feelings/words to show through your drawings.

25. Write a short story – have 30 images or writing posts to prompt a short story.

26. Craft away – do one craft project every day. Keep them simple or quick so that you can get them done in less than an hour.

27. Keep a ‘Plan of Action’ Planner – set a timer for five minutes and write in your planner every morning or every evening what your daily ‘Plan of Action’ or tasks that need to be done. This will keep you on target for your goals.

30 Days of Self Esteem Challenge Ideas:

28. Try a new hairstyle every day – use new hair accessories or try putting your hair up in different ways (braids, buns, messy buns).

29. Dress up every day. Dress like you are going to be interviewed on ‘Oprah’!

30. Write down five truths you aim to achieve as “I am” statements. “I AM” healthy and fit. “I AM” a published author. “I AM debt-free.” Say your five truths in the mirror every day for thirty days.

Accepting the hurdles along the way, choosing to keep going forward, and relishing the adventure is what life is all about.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Design Your Own 30 Day Challenge 

If you’re going to go through the trouble of taking on a challenge, make sure it’s something that matters to you. If you don’t care about the challenge at all, it’s not likely to inspire you to put forth the effort necessary to complete it.

 When you’re looking for a challenge, you’re looking to push yourself and your team in a direction. You’re also looking for a way to take your skills to the next level. The challenge can be something as simple as “Finish this project” or as complicated as “Make the world a better place.” The important thing is to find a way to define what a challenge means to you.

Made You Smile Back invites you to use these challenges as an opportunity to improve your life and make it easier for you to live a happier life.  So here are some questions to help you design your own special personal challenges:

  1. What would you be doing if you didn’t have to worry about money?
  2. Would you be living in a home that makes you happy?
  3. What is the best way to spend your time?
  4. How can you add more fun into your daily routine?
  5. Are you on a diet?
  6. Do you have any habits that are making your life harder?
  7. How do you feel about money?
  8. Would you rather live by yourself or with someone else?
  9. Do you feel like you’re spending too much time at work?
  10. Do you find it difficult to relax?
  11. What are you most thankful for?
  12. Have you ever been to the doctor because of stress?
  13. Do you feel as though you could change the world?
  14. Would you rather stay home or go out?
  15. How would you feel if you lost 10 pounds?
  16. Are you satisfied with your job?
  17. Would you rather live in a big city or a small town?
  18. Do you like your boss?
  19. Would you rather live in a house or an apartment?
  20. Do you like to exercise?Are you looking forward to the holidays?
  21. Would you rather be rich or poor?
  22. Have you ever been on vacation?

Final Last Words…

In conclusion, I hope this article has inspired you to try out at least one of the challenges listed above. I love challenges because they give me an opportunity to test myself. 

They force me to grow and develop. I have to work harder than I do otherwise. But, I also enjoy challenges because they force me to get out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to live in my comfort zone. I want to live in my own skin.

I want to experience new things, new places, new people, and new ideas. And, I want to challenge myself to make my life better and make it more interesting and engaging.

So… if you want to get out of your comfort zone, find some challenges that resonate with you.  And remember, you must always have a positive attitude. There will always be a ton of other challenges out there that you have yet to face. 

It’s time to start living again and savor all of life experiences!

Fun 30 Day Challenges

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