New Year Beginnings – Make This Year THE Year!

New Year Beginnings, Make This Year THE Year!, Made You Smile Back, Happy New's Years, New Year Resolutions

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“Hi! Welcome to the launching and introduction to ‘Made You Smile Back’! I’m so pleased you’re here. Let me share with you a little bit about myself and why I created this platform.”

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9 comments on “New Year Beginnings – Make This Year THE Year!”

    1. Deborah, thanks for your comment. It takes a little while to be disciplined with the 21 consecutive day rule, but it truly works if you put intentional focus with it!

  1. LOVE this post, definitely motivated to start writing my goals and how I’m going to reach them. Thank you for being such an inspiration

  2. Great advice included here! I totally agree with writing down your goals. I’m a fan of vision boards to help myself articulate what I want and to keep my goals in front of me all year long!

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