Finding Happiness: 5 Easy Steps to Get Your Smile Back

Finding Happiness: 5 Easy Steps to Get Your Smile Back
Finding Happiness: 5 Easy Steps to Get Your Smile Back
Photo by Hudson Hintze© on Unsplash

Yes You Can Get Your Smile Back & Become Happy Again!

By learning these five simple steps, you will help get your smile to resurface by putting YOU first.  You will see how easy it is to love yourself back to being able to smile again.  

Everyone has down days.  Perhaps you just recently endured a tearful breakup and you feel as if you may never smile again.  

Get Your Well-Being to Sky Rocket!

Once you have master these five simple steps, the benefits will help you achieve better overall well-being and greater happiness.  So, grab a pencil (okay, maybe your iPad…), take notes and let’s begin, shall we?

1. You Must Live In The Present

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

  • Stop replaying negative events over and over again in your head.  And don’t worry about the future.  It hasn’t even arrived yet…
  • Learn to be grateful for everything good in your life.  Accept and celebrate the flexibility of nature.  Be open to the serendipity nature of the ebbs and flow of everything around you and appreciate the “small stuff”.
  • Take a step back and observe yourself in the moment.  Instead of always ‘reacting’ to whatever you’re confronting, ‘respond’ and learn how to approach life in a harmonious way.
Positive Attitude Helps You Find Happiness
“Finding Happiness Movie” went in search for the answer to the question: “Why are happy people happy?

2. Let Go of Negative Thoughts

  • You must learn to forgive and forget and simply move on.  Holding a grudge takes so much emotional and physical energy.  It’s not worth it. 
  • Forgiveness allows YOU to exchange that negative energy into something more positive for yourself.  It’s ‘freeing’.
  • Embrace failures or mistakes and allow yourself to open up to success.
  • Realize just how unique and special you truly are.  Try to spend less time pleasing others and more time pleasing your higher self.
  • Remove ‘toxic’ people from your life and hang out with like-minded, positive-oriented friends and family members.
Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash©

3. Be Kind

  • Another way of finding happiness to get your smile back is to simply follow the golden rule:  “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”.
  • How about doing a random act of kindness.  Go out of your way to help someone.  You have no idea how much happiness and self-worth you can gain.  It can be as easy as giving a bottle of water to a homeless person or paying a simple compliment to anyone you come in contact with.  Even if it’s a total stranger!
  • Kindness is also about being respectful to others.  Sometimes its just better to let the other person be right once in a while.  And when you do this simple action, you will SMILE back inside of yourself and immediately feel humbled and blessed for doing so.
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash©

4. Get Healthy and Have an Active Lifestyle

  • I know you’ve heard it said many times, but it is true.  Exercise really does make you feel better.  It releases those wonderful endorphins which in turn helps you to relieve stress, minimize depression and improve your mood.  You can’t help but be happier after a great workout that makes you sweat.
  • Make a conscious effort to eat healthy.  You know what I’m talking about.  Keep it clean and be sure to drink as much water as necessary to stay hydrated.
  • Take some time ‘off’ from being on your cell phone and checking Facebook or whatever every other minute!  Don’t be distracted all of the time.  Stay focused, pray, meditate, do yoga, anything that helps you reflect and makes you feel better for your sense of well-being.
Finding Happiness 5 Easy Steps to Get Your Smile Back
Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pixabay©

5. Laugh More and You Will Smile More!

  • You’ve heard it before but I’m going to remind you anyway.  Laughter IS the best medicine.  It too releases those feel-good endorphins.  When is the last time you had a really good laugh?  I’m talking a deep down ‘belly laugh’! 
  • If you haven’t seen the YouTube version of the delightful ‘Chewbacca Lady‘, here’s your chance now to not only see it but really get into it and have yourself a ‘belly laugh’ as well.  You’ll be grinning from ear to ear with the biggest smile ever.  You’ll thank me later, trust me!
  • Another way to ‘smile more’ is singing.  Yes you heard me right!  I don’t care if you sing out of tune or do a rap song.  Just SING, SING, SING as loud as you can and I assure you will have found happiness instantly and get your smile back in a big way.  If you don’t believe me, check out and let me know how right I am!  Better yet, do a YouTube search on this wonderful acappella group, “Pentatonix”.
  • I personally love this last and final tip for finding happiness to get your smile back.  It is…. music please…“da, da dadadaaaaa….”  Smile more!!!!!  Did you know that even if we don’t feel like it, if we force ourselves to smile even when we are unhappy, gradually it WILL make you feel happier!  Don’t believe me, try this simple exercise.  You can get total strangers to ‘smile back’ at you by simply getting their attention and give them a big grin!

What’s Your ‘Secret Sauce’ in Finding Your Happiness?

There you have it!  Finding happiness with five easy steps to get your smile back and start living again!  But let’s not stop here.  Why not continue the discussion.  Share with our readers what has worked for you in the past in getting you to ‘smile back again!’  Just leave your comments below and ANYONE visiting this website can reply back and give feedback as well!

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39 comments on “Finding Happiness: 5 Easy Steps to Get Your Smile Back”

  1. Here’s one that I always use: focus on the things you can control and have faith in the things you can’t control. Things have a way of working out.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well written, happiness is a choice.
    But then we get attracted to negativity more faster than the other way.
    You have given the remedies now. Let me try some thank you…
    Best Regards,

  3. I love this! We are at a time in the world right now where we need to work harder than ever to find happiness. I love the idea of spreading kindness – something that can make a HUGE difference in our communities as we work together to face challenging times.

  4. I definitely used to kinda live in the past and did a lot of self-talk, but thankfully I’ve since found a better perspective! In my saddest days, being kind to someone else would lift my spirits like nothing else could, so I especially like your #3 (definitely agree with #4 and #5 too though)!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your post! Being fully present of the moment is a major key for me and I have practiced this in my daily life and have become more happier and blessed and grateful!. Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂

  6. Wonderful advice to keep in mind! I love the simplicity of these tips—they are all very “doable.” But sometimes all the other stuff in life can take up too much space in our soul. Will def. be practicing some of your advice!

    1. Rachael, thanks for your comment. Yes, life can often be challenging at times. But we can change the direction of our day with a simple action, like smiling or even singing, or maybe even shouting out loud this WILL BE MY BEST DAY EVER NO MATTER WHAT! Many blessings!

  7. Love this! Especially the part about singing! Along those lines, I recently made a simple change to our morning routine that had a big impact. We used to get frustrated getting the kids ready for school in the morning. They always seemed to drag their feet. Most days would begin with us yelling at them and then someone in tears. Not the greatest way to start before school.
    So I decided to change it up and play happy songs while we ate breakfast and got ready. Some of the songs included Better When I’m Dancin by Meghan Trainor (from the Peanuts Movie), Try Everything by Shakira (from Zootopia), Can’t Stop the Feeling! by JT (Trolls Movie), and a bunch of others. I choose fun sing-a-long/can’t help but dance songs that the kids would like.
    It’s made a massive difference. I don’t think we get out the door any faster, but now everyone is in a better mood and starting the day with fun.

    1. Alex, what great comments! I definitely believe that ‘singing’, ‘music’, is not emphasized enough and is often overlooked in just how it really does change our mood! Have your best day ever!

  8. One that picture with bubbles!! That’s the coolest thing I have seen all day! Besides that, your post is really important for so many people to read. Having reminders really keeps us in check with our emotions and allows us to be happier people. Thank you! I’ll be checking back for more good reads 🙂

    1. Hannah, thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I believe I found that photo on Unsplash by Hudson Hintze©. Blowing bubbles, especially as a child, brings back alot of memories of being happy! Have your best day ever!

  9. What about meditation? I find that’s the best way for me to get back to the good mood.
    And I agree, exercising on a regular basis does help a lot, as well as music and walking outside on the nature trail 🙂

  10. Hi Beth,

    I truly enjoy reading your articles – they uplift me and are filled with positivity. The first tip above grabbed my attention immediately. I used to live in the past all the time but not anymore (although I have to check myself sometimes :P). But that tip alone is worth a lot because we should not live in the past, and I agree with you that we should not worry about the future either. Nobody can predict the future. We can only hope for the best and work towards it. Living in the present is a gift! I also love #4 – exercise really stimulates us physically and mentally.

    Amira at

    1. Amira, thank you so much for your comment and insight. Exercise is so underestimated on the wonderful benefits it provides! Those endorphins are like magic! Have a great day!

  11. Very good advice! You are correct about exercise and forcing a smile even when you don’t feel like it. Two proven methods I know from personal experience work wonders.

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