Sad Status for Life & How You Can Overcome

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How To Overcome The Sad Status In Your Life & Get Yourself Back On Track!

In today’s feature article, Made You Smile Back takes on the painful emotion of the ‘Sad Status for Life and How You Can Overcome’.  You shall discover how to get yourself back on track!

“A happy heart feels no pain. A sad heart feels everything.”

– Unknown

We all know what it’s like to be sad. We feel like we’re stuck in a dark place, but if we just knew the secret to getting out, we could move on. We shall discuss some of the top ways to get rid of sadness and depression and replace them with joy and happiness.

We shall learn tips on how to:

  • Be inspired to live again.
  • Become aware of your subconscious mind and how it influences your life.
  • Identify the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • Find the courage to change the things you want to change.
  • Feel better about yourself.
  • Overcome the sadness that keeps you from moving forward. 

Most importantly, Made You Smile Back is going to show you how to get back on track. You shall learn how to overcome the feelings of hopelessness that you might be experiencing and how to break the cycle of misery. 

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Quotes are always inspiring and will also be provided to help us identify our feelings and find comfort in the resolution of how others view this mysterious emotion known as sadness.

What is this Emotion Known as Sadness?

In the book, “Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things,” author Donald Norman describes sadness as a feeling of loss. Sadness is something we feel when we think about things we no longer have or can no longer do. When you lose a job, your home, or a loved one, it is likely that you will feel some form of sadness at the time.

According to a recent study by researchers at Harvard University, sadness is the most powerful emotion for motivating people to do something. When people are sad about a situation, they tend to focus on how it makes them feel. When you’re sad about something, you’re more likely to want to do something to improve the situation.

How to Know When It’s Time to Be Sad

Here’s an inside look at what you’re feeling when you’re sad. 

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As reiterated above sadness is a very powerful and common emotion. It can be a powerful motivator to change.  Sadness comes in many forms. The feeling of loss, the experience of being left out, the pain of disappointment. 

Sadness, is probably the least understood emotion by many. Many people consider it to be a negative emotion, but in fact, sadness can be a positive emotion.

For someone who is feeling sad, there is no better way to feel happier than by thinking about what you could do to change your situation, and how much happier you’d feel if you did.

How to Create the Best Sad Life Status

In order to effectively deal with the best sad life status you may be facing, you need to use the right words. It’s important to write down your thoughts and feelings on paper. This can help you to express yourself better and it will also help you to think more clearly. 

Image of a girl writing in a journal -

You can write down your thoughts in a journal. You can also write your feelings in a diary. If you are feeling sad, you can write a poem to help you to express your feelings. It’s important to not be sad all the time. 

For more information, check out this article about the ‘Awesome Healing Power of Journaling.’

Sometimes, you need to laugh and have fun. Write a letter to someone who is very special to you or just write about a funny situation that happened to you. Make sure that you write something that is important to you and that you feel good about. 

When you are writing, you will find that you will feel better. Writing is a great way to relieve stress. It’s also a great way to express your thoughts and feelings.

For more information about the benefits of laughter and having fun, check out this article, ‘It’s Okay To Be Silly Once In A While.’

You may say that you have a sad life. You may also feel that you live in a bad situation. But, you should try to change your life by making it better. \

You may also feel sorry for yourself. Don’t do that because it will only make things worse for you. Instead, you should use this time to focus on yourself and improve yourself. You should set some goals and try to achieve them. This can be the best way to improve your life.

The worst way to deal with problems is to just ignore them. 

In order to create the best sad life status, you should look at the problem as a challenge. You should make an effort to learn from your mistakes and try to avoid making them again. 

Don’t give up hope when you are having a difficult time in life. Try to understand yourself and your feelings. This will help you to get through your challenges. Remember, the key to success is motivation. People will not criticize you if you try hard.

For additional information, check out this great article entitled, ’Cheer Up Buttercup! He Surprising Benefits of Coping with Disappointment.’ 

Facts About Sad Status for Life & How You Can Overcome

Why do we feel unhappy or depressed? What causes us to feel sad?

It’s easy to be overcome with negative emotions. Let’s learn some simple strategies to overcome the sadness and let go of the emotional pain and move forward.

When you’re feeling down, you may think that it’s impossible to get out of the rut you’re in. But you can. Let’s see how.

Let’s first check out these facts about sadness status of life:

  1. Sadness can make a person weak and depressed.
  2. Our sadness level is affected by the circumstances and events that happen in our personal life.
  3. Our sadness levels can be increased or decreased by the responses we choose.
  4. People can be sad for many reasons, such as losing something or someone or even the death of a loved one.
  5. No question, sadness is a feeling that everyone experiences at some point.
  6. Sadness is an emotional state that is characterized by negative thoughts and feelings.
  7. Sadness is a common emotion that we feel after losing someone.
  8. Sadness is a universal emotion that affects everyone.
  9. It is necessary to express your feelings to people who matter in your life.
  10. Expressing your feelings is a way of letting go of your emotions and positively affecting your well-being and peace of mind.
Image of a girl sitting consumed with overwhelming sadness - Made You Smile Back

How to Get Over Sadness

As reiterated above, everyone feels sad sometimes, just like everyone can feel happiness,  joy, anger, being proud and plenty of other emotions. In other words, everyone has feelings, and those feelings are always changing.

Whatever the feelings, it is real and part of living. 

Believe it or not, even a negative emotion may even help you. Our world focuses on happiness and treats unhappiness as an unnecessary or useless feeling. 

But think about it, sadness can also slow you down, and make you really think about your life, your feelings and the people around you. It can also help you keep sight of your relationships and dreams. 

In other words, being sad doesn’t mean you are not coping with a situation. According to Better Health, sadness helps you come to terms with that situation and move on. It is an important emotion that can help you adapt, accept, focus, persevere and grow.

And there’s more good news: you can learn to manage your sadness. 

Your Sadness Status Will Ease

Feeling better can involve taking one step or many. It may happen quickly or over a long time.  As the popular saying goes, ‘this too shall pass’.  Emotions ebb and flow, and you can move through sadness to a more positive emotion.

First, acknowledge that you are feeling sad. Sometimes sadness may feel manageable, and acknowledging how you feel is enough – after all, it will pass over time. Sometimes you might want to actively do something to help manage your sadness. You may want to try some of the 30 tips listed below.

An illustration of a man working all day

30 TipsTo Overcome Sad Life Status 

Get your life back on track by taking a look at this extensive list of helpful tips. We know life isn’t easy for anyone, and as such you need your own personal ‘toolkit’ of tips and resources to help you get to ‘the other side’

1. Do things that will make you happy, even if it doesn’t make you feel good in the moment.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, from your friends and family to professional counselors

3. Find the silver lining.

4. Don’t take it so personally.

5. Connect with other people who have been there before.

6. Reassess your priorities.

7. Surround yourself with love.

8. Find something you’re passionate about.

8. Put a smile on your face.

9. Change your perspective.

10. Find the humor in your pain.

11. Re-examine your priorities.

12. Find a hobby that’s challenging.

13. Take a walk or a hike.

14. Read something inspiring.

15. Laugh.

16. Talk to someone who has been there.

17. Go to a sporting event.

18. Make a gratitude list.

19. Focus on the good things in your life.

20. Spend time with your loved ones.

21. Do some self-love.

22. Remember all the times you have been kind to others.

23. Spend time in nature.

24. Have a good cry.

25. Think about what makes you happy.

26. Volunteer.

27. Do something nice for yourself.

28. Dance.

29. Learn a new skill.

30. Take a ‘bucket-list’ vacation or trip.

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15 Sad Life Status Quotes

Per Stewart Zayn, who wrote the article ‘Heart Touching Sad Life Status & Quotes’, he says:

“Sad situations can take all of our energy and happiness, it is defined as the emotional pain characterized by feelings of sorrow, helplessness, loss, disappointment, etc. In this situation, Sad Life Status is needed when you do not have words to express that you are in an emotional mood.”

– Stewart Zayn

Each and every person faces sadness in his/her life.  The carefully selected Sad Life Status Quotes will help you to not only express your feelings but positively lift you up. 

1. “It’s not the end of the world.” — The Beatles

2. “What would I do if the tables were turned and I was in your shoes?” — Beyoncé

3. “There’s no way I’m getting through this day without having a good cry.” — Mandy Moore

4. ‘You’re only given one life, but you can give it all away.” — Harry Chapin

5. “I hope he never gets back together with her. It’ll ruin his life.” — J.K. Rowling

6. “The problem with people is that they don’t understand that they’re alive.” — Ernest Hemingway

7. “I feel like life is too short, and we just take it for granted.” — Miley Cyrus

8. “No matter how many times I’ve had my heartbroken, I still believe that true love will find me someday.” — Taylor Swift

9. “I don’t care if I fall down. I’ll get up again. I know I’ll live because I know how to live.” — Charles Bukowski

10. “I’m not gonna let some little thing like death stop me from living.” — Emily Dickinson

11. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” — Aristotle

12. “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” — Ernest Hemingway

13. “If you want something, all you have to do is ask for it. Don’t worry about what other people might think.” — Unknown

14. “A little philosophy inclines the soul to peace, to rest, to joy.” –Søren Kierkegaard

15. “The day I was born is the day I decided to live.” — Mark Twain

The Big Take-A-Way

The truth is, sadness is a normal part of life.  We all realize that getting sad is not something we want to experience.  And, yet, due to life circumstances, we all get sad from time to time.

But if we allow ourselves to be sad for too long, it can have a not-so-good negative impact on our health and well-being.  I hope you found the content of this blog most helpful in overcoming sadness and how to turn these life experiences into learning and growth opportunities.  But more importantly, I hope you found how to positively turn these sad experiences into something positive for your own future personal development.

Please share it with your friends and family. Also, please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions.


1. How do I get back on track when my life is out of balance?

When life gets out of control, it’s important to remember to take time to reflect and work towards achieving a balanced and well-ordered life.

Get help from a trained counselor: Counseling helps people to work through personal issues, explore their feelings and learn new ways of coping.

2. How do you get back on track emotionally after experiencing sadness?

Sadness is a normal part of life.  It is something we all experience.  But it is important to understand that sadness is more than just a feeling.  It can be a positive or negative emotion.  It all depends on how we respond to the situation.

You will be more likely to have a positive outlook if you are able to think positively. Asking yourself “What do I want?” can help to shift your mood and can also be a great way to get back on track emotionally after experiencing sadness.

3. How do I get my life back in order?

Follow these helpful eight tips to help get your life back in order:

1. Do a mind dump. Take a piece of paper and put down everything that is on your mind. 
2. Make a plan of action.
3. Plan your day ahead. 
4. Go to bed earlier. 
5. Get a health checkup done. 
6. Schedule an appointment with a therapist or a counselor. 
7. Take care of small tasks throughout the day. 
8. Practice self-care.

4. How do I get the life I want?

In the end, the secret to getting what you want in life is really quite simple. You have to want it. If you want to be happy, you need to make yourself happy. If you want to succeed, you need to take action. There’s no magic to any of this. You just need to make yourself happy and take action to achieve your goals.

5. How do I get over the sadness and turn these sad experiences into positive ones?

The best way to deal with sadness or a bad experience is to accept it, let go of the emotions associated with the event, and then let the experience serve as a learning opportunity.

Sad Status for Life & How You Can Overcome

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