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Growing Up in the 60s & 70s….

I’m a proud 1975 High School Graduate of North Shelby High School in Rural Shelby County, Missouri! 

I’m married to a wonderful Lebanese gentleman and have three vibrant and beautiful  daughters and yes, I’m patiently waiting for them to get engaged, married and start a family.  

Why?!?  Because I’m so jealous of all of you who are already Grandparents! I am also a Realtor and love all my clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area.  Since starting my blog officially in October 2018, I have become a published author writing my first book, ‘The Power of Unexpected Miracles.” This is a true story of the miraculous birth of my 3rd daughter and of my survival.

Exploring Life after 50….

I have always been known as being the forever ‘optimist’ and as such strive to be a very positive person.  That said, I feel there is just so much negativity presented in the media today.  As a result, it is my hope to build a strong internet presence in providing not only inspirational quotes but thought-provoking content as well.  And finally, since I am an avid Mental Health advocate, I also have the vision of “Made You Smile Back’ to be an inviting place for those struggling with their own happiness, as a valuable resource in helping them ‘get their smile back’.   An exciting new type of life coaching shall be made available in the near future, ‘happiness coaching’, where one-on-one counseling shall be made available via audio, messenger and skype.

It is my hope to present a platform where all of us can become an active community who make a difference online to others.  Join me while we dive into subjects that are meaningful.  Let’s explore into just what happiness is, gratitude, forgiveness and kindness.  But lets also tackle the subjects that need to be discussed which are not being placed in the forefront today.  Let’s talk about chronic depression.  Let’s talk about sadness and how to know when to get professional help.  Let’s talk about Post Partum Depression.  Let’s end the stigma about talking about mental health disease.  Let’s strive to not only show the positive side of issues but the reality of what is important to us as a whole.   And oh yes, lets have some fun, fun, fun while doing so.

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“Hi!  Welcome to the launching and introduction to ‘Made You Smile Back’!  I’m so pleased you’re here.   Let me share with you a little bit about myself and why I created this platform.”

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