July 16, 2019

The Power of Forgiveness can be a Lifechanger!

Learn the power of forgiveness and become a happier person Learn the power of forgiveness and become a happier person.  More than likely, we all have had someone who has wronged us in the past an...
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May 27, 2020

10 Unique Random Acts of Kindness During Lockdown

Made You Smile Back encourages you to check out these special but unique random acts of kindness during a lockdown you can do during these times of uncertainty.  After all, it’s ‘nice to be n...
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December 7, 2021

Quotes About Kindness For Kids

Made You Smile Back is pleased to present this enlightening article about kindness for kids.  We shall discuss creative ways on how to teach our kids the healing power of kindness.   Ex...
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November 10, 2022

The Difference Between Forgiveness vs. Acceptance

The difference between forgiveness vs. acceptance. Should you forgive or accept people who have hurt you? When someone hurts you, it’s not unusual for you to feel hurt, angry, perhaps betrayed and e...
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July 27, 2022

How to Set Powerful Daily Intentions

Discover how to set powerful daily intentions. What’s the single most important thing you can do to create massive results in your life? There are two things that are absolutely critical to success....
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May 12, 2022

Gratitude vs Appreciation – The Differences?

Gratitude vs Appreciation – What Are The Differences Between Them? I’m sure you’ve heard of the terms ‘gratitude’ and ‘appreciation’, but do you know the diff...
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