November 18, 2018
Science Fiction Fascinations & All Things Paranormal
In Love with Spock! Okay, since I already admitted I am a Trekkie fan, I’m just going to put it out there upfront and personal… Yes, I’ll confess.  I simply adore Mr. Spock...
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November 30, 2018
‘Oh What Fun It Is’ To Go Holiday Shopping!
“Happiness is shopping with Children” Image by Canva© Let’s have some fun fun fun this year! I just love holidays!  Why?  Because there’s shopping involved of course...
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December 6, 2018
Discover New Blogs – Liebster Award Nomination
Liebster 2018 Award Nomination Image by Liebster Blog© – 2018 Yay! I can’t believe I got nominated for this! Recently I received a very pleasant, albeit, serendipitiously surpri...
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December 18, 2018
Christmas Gifts from the 60s and 70s — Did you get a Rubik’s Cube Too?
great holiday gifts from ‘back in the day’ Royalty Free Photos Created on Canva© Barbie Dolls™, Board Games & Matchbox™ Cars It is so joyful to watch children open their holiday g...
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December 28, 2018
New Year Beginnings – Make This Year THE Year!
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March 22, 2020
10 Proven Tips from the Chinese about the Corona Virus!
Beat the C-19 Virus in Its Tracks with These 10 Chinese Proven Steps! It’s been about a couple of weeks since the World Health Organization announced that the Corona Virus (aka COVID-19) had rea...
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