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Let me ask you a question...

"What is happiness worth to you?"

For me, happiness is worth everything... it is the essence of life.

That's why I love helping my clients to get happy and stay happy so they can succeed in every area of their lives.

You too can rediscover your happiness while facing life struggles.

Yes! I want to be Happy Again!

A Little About Me, My Journey & Vision

I’m Beth Elkassih,  a professional blogger, author and happiness lifestyle coach.

I am also a survivor of both clinical depression and acute post-partum depression and to this day, I still have moments of battling anxiety.

The 'Made You Smile 
Back' Experience!

1. Everyone deserves to have happiness & joy in their life.

2. Are you new to all this and don’t know where to begin?

3. Let me help you explore and discover the ‘Made You Smile Back Experience’.
Yes! I want to be Happy Again!
“I love this article about the traits of happy and successful people! So uplifting and inspiring! The final trait, not being afraid to ask, seems to me to be deeply connected to our sense of self-worth. Do we believe we deserve what we want to ask for? What a tremendous difference it makes to be able to answer yes to that question! Thank you for sharing this. Definitely planted some seeds for reflection. ❤️✨❤️”

Rose Hahn

Mindset Blogger

I have 'Walked the Walk' & now am 'Talking the Talk' about Mental Health Issues

As an avid Mental Health awareness advocate, I also have the vision of “Made You Smile Back’ to be an inviting place for those struggling with their own happiness.

As an avid Mental Health awareness advocate, I also have the vision of “Made You Smile Back’ to be an inviting place for those struggling with their own happiness.

Lets Talk About Mental Health Issues


Let’s talk about Post-Partum Depression.
Let’s end the stigma about talking about mental health disease.

Let’s talk about chronic depression. Let’s talk about sadness and
how to know when to get professional help.

Let’s strive to not only show the positive side of issues but the reality of what is important to us as a whole.

Discover The Made You Smile Back Experience


Inspiring and thought-provoking blogs on topics all about achieving happiness and overcoming everyday life struggles such as coping with a variety of emotions including frustration, depression, anxiety and sadness.


Find out how happy you really are or what level of anxiety you may be experiencing. Not only are they fun to take but very enlightening and informative from your personal results.



A treasure trove of Digital eBooks, Printables, Worksheets, Self-Care articles, digital journals, etc. providing useful tips and strategies to improve your well-being and happiness levels.
Resource Library


Collection of inspirational and motivational quotes, including original quotes by Made You Smile Back with beautiful color graphics.​



One-on-one private consultations to help you regain your happiness, find yourself again when facing everyday life struggles.​



Your go-to source for branded Made You Smile Back mugs, tote bags, books, journals, etc. as self-care gifts for yourself or for others!​


What People Are Saying About

Made You Smile Back!

“Beth is such a shining example of positivity and kindness. The guest post she wrote for me on Postpartum Depression received a tremendous response because she honed in on the pain points many moms were desperate for help with. A real guardian angel to me from across the miles.”

Poovanesh Pather

Creator of Family-Growth-Life
“I think it’s wonderful that your blog is dedicated to inspiring those with mental health issues and everyone else as well. There were some really thought-provoking quotes but the one that stood out to me the most was, “No one is you, that is your super-power.” Love it!”

Deshana Poto

 Professional Blogger

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