Beautiful Blessings of Good Morning

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Made You Smile Back is delighted to introduce you to the beautiful blessings of good morning.  When you wake up and open your eyes, you can’t help but feel blessed, right?

This article will explain what blessings are; how combining them with prayer makes them even more powerful.  There shall be inspiring examples of morning blessings, morning prayers, morning greetings, and amazing tips and strategies so you can also create your own personal blessing.

You will learn how they will make a positive difference in not only your life but other people’s lives as well!

Blessings of Good Morning

Whether you are in an urban, suburban, or rural area, the opportunity to give someone a blessing is at hand. Blessings are what make our morning special. You can bless your day by being grateful for what is in front of you.

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There’s a reason that we wake up in the morning—we don’t get out of bed unless there is something important to do.

When you wake up and open your eyes, you can’t help but feel blessed.  I want to make sure you understand that you don’t have to be a morning person to start your day with a purpose.  

There is a blessing in every day of the week! Each day has a unique way to bring a blessing into your life. Included in this article are daily blessings to create a blessing for every good morning!

“Good morning.” You say this greeting to someone as a friendly gesture, or simply as a greeting. In fact, you may have even said this to yourself as you woke up that morning. But, what if you were to say it to someone else? How would they respond to you? Would they be glad to hear this greeting?  This my friend, is the power of a beautiful blessing of good morning.

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What Exactly is a Blessing

A blessing can be defined as something good and/or something positive that comes your way. A blessing is a gift of good fortune or prosperity. 

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Most people don’t think of themselves as having blessings. They simply get on with life, going about their day-to-day activities. But when something happens that makes them feel fortunate, they often describe it as a blessing.

Here’s the deal… when we ask ourselves the question “what’s your purpose in life?” we are really asking about the “blessing” or the “purpose” behind the existence of our individual selves. 

This purpose is not something that we are supposed to know, nor can we choose it. It’s a gift we receive. It’s the same thing that gives meaning to our existence.

A blessing isn’t just a random act of kindness. If you are a blessing to someone, you are doing something that benefits the person you are helping. A blessing could be anything from providing food, water, and shelter to giving money or support in any way. 

The actual word itself comes from the Latin word benedictum. This word means ‘to bless.’  Types of blessings are as follows:

  • A gift of good fortune or prosperity.
  • To be good or favorable. 
  • To speak kindly of; to give praise or good wishes.
  • To be pleased or pleased with; to honor; to approve of; to be grateful for.

The blessings that come our way are random. It could be something as simple as the fact that you are not having to work right now. 

You could be the one to get a new job or promotion, or maybe it’s something as large as the fact that you have not been involved in a major disaster in your life. It’s not just a lucky coincidence.

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The Power of a Morning Blessing

If you wake up every morning with a positive attitude, you will have a wonderful day. This can be a very powerful way to start your day off right. You should start the day by thanking God/Allah for the blessings He has given you. 

This will help you to feel good about yourself and also it will help you to think positively. The more you think positively, the more things will go your way.

When you wake up in the morning, you should say a short prayer.  You will feel better, you will be more motivated to get things done and accomplish your goals.

I have found that we are more likely to open our hearts to God and ask for what we need when we say “Good morning” to someone.

The Difference Between Blessings and Prayers

What is the difference between blessings and prayers? They both have a powerful influence on our lives but it’s important to understand the difference between them. 

When we pray for something, it is a request that we ask God to help us achieve our goal. There’s no one else that God will answer. 

But when we give a blessing, it’s more like a thank you, which God will always respond to because He wants us to be happy.

A blessing is a positive act of kindness towards someone or something. For example, you might wish a friend happiness, well-being, and good health. You could bless your child by teaching him to read. You can even bless the food you eat. It’s a blessing to give thanks.

Prayers are things that we say to God, and blessings are things we give to other people. When you pray, you tell God what you want. When you bless someone else, you’re telling that person how good they are. It’s important to know the difference between the two because both of them work. 

Prayers are different also in that they’re requests for God to do something for you. So, to ask for a blessing, you would pray to God, “Please bless my friend,” or “Please bless me.” The key difference here is that blessings and prayers are not equal. A blessing is a positive, kind act, while a prayer is a request.

The bottom line is simply this… when you create a beautiful blessing to be conveyed to someone else, and when you combine it with ‘prayer’, the result is powerful.  It is magical.  It is life-changing.

The Sacred Power of Morning Prayer

The Sacred Power of Morning Prayer

Morning prayer helps us to get ready for the day. You will feel refreshed and energized if you pray every morning.

A morning blessing is a sacred ritual that is practiced by millions of people across the globe. It is an ancient tradition. It is also called the “holy hour,” or the “first prayer of the day.” It is said to be one of the most powerful ways to set the tone for the rest of your day.

In the past, morning blessings were a very common practice. It was done in the morning because the sun rose in the east. This was the time when people woke up and got ready for their day. Nowadays, many people are starting their day with a prayer. 

If you’re religious, you can pray for yourself, for your family, for your job, for the people you know, for your community, for the world, and for your country.

When you pray, you should ask for your needs to be fulfilled. You can ask God to protect you, to make you happy, to make your life easier, to make your children happy, etc. 

You can ask for anything you want. You can ask God to make you have a healthy body, to make you have a long life, to make your job easier, to make you a better person, etc.

Morning prayer is a simple and easy form of worship. It is done in a very organized and simple way. It consists of a call to the Creator, a thanksgiving, a statement of hope, and supplication. 

After all, this is the way of all the great religions. The morning is the best time of the day for performing morning prayers. It’s a good idea to do these prayers in the morning and make sure that you do them before you go to school or to work.

The Islamic Morning Prayer Known As ‘Fajr’

Of all the world religions, there is one that stands out as the ‘Morning Prayer’ and is regarded as the most important prayer of the day.  This is the Islamic Morning Prayer known as ‘Fajr’.

As in other world religions, prayer is one of the basic principles of Islam. It is believed to have been revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad. This is why it is considered to be the most important pillar of Islam. It is also known as the Salat-ul-Fajr. Muslims start their day with this prayer.

Starting your day in prayer can bring you closer to God and His angels. Fajr prayer is one of the first prayers of Islam and it starts the day in the best possible way.  This prayer in Islam ensures that you begin your day with light and with life.

The early morning sets the tone and energy for the entire day, and by beginning the day with your spirituality intact and your mind full of positivity and optimism, you can enjoy your day and every moment more than ever before.

Regardless of what your belief system is, it is a wonderful practice that makes us focus on the greatness and the power of Allah/God.

Thankful Grateful Blessed Morning

How to Create a Beautiful Morning Blessing

You are invited to learn how to create and say a blessing for a good morning for yourself, friends, and family.

The most important part of writing a blessing is to create a vision of how you want to envision your day to be.  This is how to create your own beautiful blessing for a good morning. 

Reciting a good morning blessing is an opportunity to offer up a blessing for the day and the people around us. Here are five ways to create your own morning blessings:

1. Pray and Reflect on What You Have Been Grateful For.

  • What do you want for yourself?
  • What do you want for your family?
  • What do you want for the world?
  • What are your beliefs about blessings?

2. Consider the Benefits and Fruits of that Blessing

3. Create Your Own Blessing for Good Morning

4. Consider including prayer with the blessing you create.

5. Deliver blessings to others each day with a smile.

 Beautiful Blessings of Good Morning

Made You Smile Back hopes these good morning blessings are ones that encourage you and others. We all need blessings in our lives, not just in the difficult times but also in the good times. 

Make a note of those below which resonates with you and start sharing these today!

  1. Welcome to the new morning with a smile on your face, LOVE in your “heart”, and good thoughts in your mind.  Wishing you a brightest morning.  — Islamic Good Morning Messages
  2. May you be blessed beyond your expectations. Good morning. – Morning Greetings
  3. Today’s Weather Report:  You’ll have rain of blessings, wind of joy, fog of peace, dews of love, snow of happiness & blossom of God’s grace! Good Morning Blessings to you! – WFAA Channel 8 DFW News
  4. A good morning blessing is sent to you. 
  5. With love and encouragement. May you have a good morning.  May you look forward to what the day brings. – Unknown
  6. May you have friends surround you and family to love you. – Cheryl Clowers
  7. Another amazing morning to turn into an amazing day. Blessings to you. – Judy Schultz
  8. May you be blessed with a smile on your face and laughter for your day. – Beth Elkassih
  9. May sunshine fill your heart this morning and may your day be one filled with happiness and love. – Mr. Rogers
  10. Stay blessed and be safe. – Jesuit Priest
Good Morning Quotes

Serendipity Blessed Morning Quotes

Blessings can be thought of as good words or thoughts that bring people good feelings or are sent to other people. You can send blessings to someone in person or you can do it online.

Be that special person to inspire someone close to you by sending out blessings whether it’s a weekday or weekend.  These blessing quotes will help you brighten someone’s day.

“God doesn’t bless us just to make us happy; He blesses us to make us a blessing.”

Warren W. Wiersbe

“May God bless your morning, keeping you safe all day long.”


“May the sun warm your heart with love, May any clouds that appear, instantly disappear. Blessings to you for a good morning and the whole day through.”

“A breath of prayer in the morning means a day of blessing sure; a breath of prayer in the evening means a night of rest secure.”

Frances McKinnon Morton

— “Good morning and God bless on this most wonderful of days.”


— “The miracle lies in the newness of a morning.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

John McLeod

— “A little tear and a “God bless you” may brighten someone’s face.”

Walter E. Isenhour

— “Every morning brings new potential, but if you dwell on the misfortunes of the day before, you tend to overlook tremendous opportunities.”

Harvey Mackay

— “Sending you a day full of sunshine, a heaven filled with rainbows, and a pocket full of dreams. May the future ahead of you be as wonderful as you are.”

Judith Wibberley

— “Each day brings you new experiences, new opportunities, and new beginnings.  Make the most of each day and bless everyone you greet today!”

Beth Elkassih

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In Final Reflection

There’s something about the word “beautiful” coupled with the word ‘blessings’ that makes people want to know more and yearn to feel this emotion.   You want to thank God for what He has given you and what you are able to do for others. Thank Him for the blessings you have already received and for what He will give you in the future.

My final words for this article is my own personal blessing I wish to present to all who are reading this blog: 

This morning, I’m praying for you. I’m praying for you to experience the powerful blessing of peace that comes from knowing that you are loved, valued, and appreciated. I’m praying for you to experience the joy that comes from knowing that you matter, you’re needed, you’re valuable, and you have something to contribute. And I’m praying that you’ll have a great day today and every day.  Many blessings to you!”

Beth Elkassih

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Beautiful Blessings of Good Morning

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