Unique Gifts For People With Anxiety

Are you looking for the perfect gift for people who are struggling with depression or anxiety? Or maybe you have someone in your life who has been diagnosed with these conditions and you are looking for the perfect gift for them?

This blog post is about finding unique gifts for people suffering from these conditions, with the goal of also providing encouragement and support.  There’s always room for joy and that’s what these gifts deliver.

The Struggle is Real – What People Need to Know About Anxiety

In a recent blog, I wrote about tips to overcome anxiety.  All of us from time to time have experienced anxiety with our nerves acting up when confronted with social situations. Who hasn’t felt this way when preparing for a big speech or a job interview or even going out on a date?

Mental health vector illustration. Sad depressed man sitting and holding his head, a cloud of chaos over him. Stress concept in flat simple style isolated on white background.

When anxiety gets significant, it’s common for individuals to isolate themselves and feel very alone. Oftentimes, the overwhelming feeling of ‘dread’, makes it who is suffering hard to function in daily life. And taken to extremes, they may regularly avoid the ‘anxiety-inducing’ situations altogether leading to further isolation from family and friends.

You may have family or friends whose ‘struggle is real.’  Whether their anxiety is mild or severe, there are special and unique gifts that will help them feel better and less stressed. 

What to Keep In Mind When Buying Gifts for People with Anxiety & Depression

As you shop, do keep in mind these key points:

1) Look for gifts which are designed for de-stressing.  These can be really simple gifts such as bath salts, aromatherapy candles, cozy blankets, both weighted and others being tactile.

2) Minimizes triggers. People with anxiety are very uber sensitive to what is known as ‘triggers’.  While triggers can be complex and highly personal, gift ideas to be considered should be to help minimize common triggers,  Gift ideas include weighted blankets, cross-word puzzles, noise-canceling headphones, or even a simple journal are all sound choices.

3) Don’t overthink or over-complicate.  Try to avoid gifts that come with any responsibility or ‘strings attached’… Why? Because your good intention may just exacerbate their condition.  The best gifts are those which come with absolutely no expectations.

Unique Anxiety-Friendly Toys & Gifts for Kids

What better presents can one give to kids who deal with anxiety on a daily basis?  Being anxious can be tough on kids.  Many children who struggle with anxiety also exhibit OCD.  So it’s important to select unique gifts of toys or gadgets that promote calmness and relaxation.

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The following list has been carefully selected for its unique anxiety-friendly features.  

Sensory Toy: Sensory Sox

A sensory type of gift that kids will love to receive is a “body sox”.  A body sox covers an anxious child from neck to toes in a stretchy fabric.  It applies gentle pressure when arms and legs are outstretched, protects exposed body parts from touching surfaces, and encourages a child to curl up and be “hugged.”

Gravity Blanket

Designed for children dealing with tactile sensory needs and anxiety disorders, a pellet-filled weighted blanket calms children during and after a meltdown — and while winding down for bedtime.  

When ordering, be sure to purchase the ‘right weight’ depending on the size of the child.

Koosh Ball

The Koosh Ball is not your everyday ‘stress ball’ but an incredible stress reliever.  Children love it and not only is it fun to toss and catch, but it is also addictive. The Koosh Ball is fun to hold with a soft touch.  It truly is hard for a child to put down.

The Squeeze Aromatherapy Dough

As a babyboomer, I grew up with ‘Play Dough’ and indeed it is still sold today.  What makes this ‘play dough’ so unique is the squeeze aromatherapy dough scales up by being more pliable and is infused with scented essential oils. In addition, it is made with all-natural ingredients including olive oil, epsom salt and even mediterranean sea salt.

FunKidz Big Fidget Pack

You can’t go wrong with gifting this fun and unique FunKidz Big Fidget Pack.  This 23 item package includes Mochi Squishies, Fidget Spinners, Sensory Rings, the popular Push Pop Bubble and much much more.

This pack helps relieve anxiety by keeping young people’s by keeping their  hands busy. Through stretching, squeezing and twisting with these fidget toys set, it helps get rid of nail-biting, knuckle cracking, leg shaking and other fidgeting habits.

The entire FunKidz Big Fidget Pack is made from durable, non-toxic and non-allergenic materials, which is totally safe for kids.

Colorful Mermaid Pillows

When I did my research for this blog in finding the ‘best of the best’ of unique but effective toys and gifts for people with anxiety, I surprisingly came across this serendipity item!  In fact, I had bought a couple of these colorful mermaid pillows for my daughters a few years back.  Not for anxiety relief but rather for the decor and unique texture.

For those who may not be familiar with these mermaid pillows, they are designed with color-changing, reversible flip sequins.  And yes, I can see why they are used for stress relief as one can spend hours drawing intricate designs in the sequins!

These mermaid pillows are now so popular, you can even find them in fun animal shapes as well!

Unique Gifts for Anxiety in Adolescents & Teenage Boys

According to the National Institute of Health, “nearly 1 in 3 all adolescents ages 13-18 will experience an anxiety disorder.”  (McCarthy, 2019).

By far, do know that the greatest gift you can give an adolescent teen struggling with anxiety is the “gift” of empathy and understanding.  By your reassurance to your teenager, you giving them the anchor they need so that they can count on you in tough times.

Below you shall find a list of unique sensory items and gifts that can help anxious teenage boys manage their anxiety and provide them a sense of calm.

Balance Board

A smart gift for adolescents with excess energy and/or tactile issues, balance boards allows teens to rock, stand, balance, and sway all while reading or watching TV. It also teaches muscle memory and dexterity for sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.

Another side benefit is that training consistently on a balance board helps your core strength.  Make no mistake, it requires concentrated focus, the perfect distraction for relieving stress in a hyped-up teenage boy.

Lava Lamp 

According to Wikipedia, Lava lamps were invented in 1963 by British entrepreneur Edward Craven Walker.  I myself was gifted with one of these interesting colored lamps in the 70s. 

When heated up, the wax lava creates a wonderful relaxing atmosphere that similates the flow of lava. I remember spending unlimited time just mesmerized by the slow-moving, shape-shifting wax “lava”.  

Lava Lamps are ideal for teenage boys as they can soothe their anxious nerves or help overcome a ‘meltdown’ by observing their gentle movement and soft light.  Definitely a must-have for those who have acute anxiety or sensory issues.

Hatch Restore

You’re probably wondering what a Hatch Restore is.   The Hatch Restore combines a smart light, sound machine, sunrise alarm, wind-down meditations, and an alarm clock all into one easy-to-use bedside device.

In people who suffer with anxiety, often times their sleep patterns can be disrupted.  With this unique gift, the Hatch Restore, your teenage son can reclaim their sleep and wake up lighter.  

This is an ideal unique present for your teenagers to help boost their mood, energy and productivity level with a smarter sleep routine. 

Salt Lamps for Anxiety

Exactly what is a salt lamp you may be asking?  Himalayan salt lamps are actually crystals carved from amber-colored rock salt.  Then they are hollowed out to fit a lightbulb inside.   When lit, they display a reddish-pink, warm glow.

There is the collective belief that positive ions in the air increase anxiety, crankiness, etc. On the other hand, they say that negative ions ease stress, anxiety, and depression.  In essence, salt lamps provide calmness and improves overall well-being.

Cross-Word Puzzles; Ultimate Mind-Games, etc.

Who knew that doing simple cross-word puzzles would help our mental health?  In fact, studies and research point towards brain teasers, in general, improves our brain’s function and memory capacity.

Furthermore, Crossword puzzles have been found to relieve anxiety-causing stress, as well as provide a sense of accomplishment and emotional well-being.  

Ultimate Mind Games are also unique gifts ideal for anxiety in teenage boys by providing an understated stress relief that’s convenient and affordable.

One more thing that is of important note… both cross-word puzzles and ultimate mind-games will improve teenage boys’ ability to both think strategically and manage their own anxiety levels.  Now that is a ‘definite’ side benefit that I know parents will love…

Unique Gifts for Anxiety in Teen Girls

Fact… does it come to any surprise to learn that teen girls struggle with anxiety at higher rates than teen boys? As girls approach their teen years, as many as 20% of teen girls have symptoms of an anxiety disorder.  

There are many gifts on the market to help relieve the stress caused by chronic anxiety for teenage girls.  I have sifted through dozens and offer the following best gift ideas for someone with anxiety, more specifically for teenage girls.

Saje Pocket Farmacy Physical Edition – Portable Aromatherapy Set 

What teenage girl doesn’t love to receive spa products?  Right…  This unique portable aromatherapy set supports their overall physical health by soothing anxiety-induced stress and even ideal for treating depression.

Made with all-natural ingredients, this will help your teenage girl in building good healthy habits to help her feel their best.

Aera Mini Diffuser

Teenage girls will love the ability to ‘bring the outdoors’ inside and significantly increase their well-being by owning this minimalist-designed mini diffuser.

Used with aromatherapy scented essential oils, this sleek diffuser creates a peaceful environment to work, relax or play with this focusing and calming device.  Perfect for an ideal gift for teenage girls with anxiety.

Weighted Eye Masks

Per The Zoe Report, weighted eye masks are great for relieving anxiety and improving sleep.  They are designed to provide gentle pressure on the eyes and surrounding pressure points on the face with relaxing resulting effects.

In fact, it’s also claimed that weighted eye masks can also reduce tension headaches and even migraines. For teenage girls, they love them simply because they feel they’re great for their ‘beauty sleep’.

Regardless, they are known to help relieve stress and provide more sound sleep patterns.  You can find them in multiple colors and designs.

Social Anxiety Therapy Coloring Books

When we think of ‘coloring books’, we all think of elementary school kids with crayons and coloring was an expected activity.  Today, psychologists now agree that coloring is a form of ‘mental therapy’ and more.

We all are aware of the wonderful health benefits of meditation.  Coloring books can also relieve stress and anxiety similarly to the way meditation does. 

Since coloring is considered an ‘in-the-moment-activity’, it helps with keeping teens with being present.  In turn, the mental health benefits are received in the way of reducing negative thoughts and anxiety-created stress.

There are many therapy coloring books on the market.  For me, I prefer the coloring books which feature ‘mandela designs’ as I find these designs are more relaxing when coloring.

Anxiety Ring/Bead Stacking Ring

What teenage girl doesn’t enjoy receiving jewelry!  This unique gift known as anxiety or fidget rings offers immediate awareness when a ‘panic attack’ is building up and distracts one’s mind in engaging.

According to Calm Clinic, fidget rings can be used to help reduce anxiety.  

An anxiety ring or a bead stacking ring is a great way to help manage the anxiety and stress by staying focused and calm when faced with what is known as ‘triggers.’ 

Anxiety Journal for Girls

There’s no dispute that journaling is a well-known tool used in therapy for many mental health benefits.  An anxiety journal is a great way to track anxiety events.  You can also track triggers, symptoms and thoughts. 

I recommend that you explore ‘creative anxiety journals’ for teenage girls  that also provide empowering quotes and daily exercises to further help in anxiety relief.  

Gifts for Anxiety in Adults

Generalized Anxiety Disorders, aka GAD, affects almost 7 million adults in the USA along, and comes as no surprise that women are twice as likely to be affected more so than men.

The following are special and unique best gift ideas for someone with anxiety.

COFFLED Newton’s Cradle 

The coffled Newton’s Cradle is a unique anxiety-relieving present and is perfect for the office as a desktop gift.  When in motion, the swinging balls will keep any adult occupied and distracted when they find themselves having an ‘anxious moment.’

They offer a soothing effect and encourages calmness and relaxation.

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Designs

I know we discussed the mental health benefits above about coloring books for teens, but adult coloring books are ideal too in relieving anxiety.

In addition to coloring, adults also enjoy ‘doodling’ and coloring books that include this feature make the ideal gift idea for any adult struggling.

Aku Mat

I love highly recommending this next sensory type of gift.  The Aku Mat is an accupunture mat providing pressure points and much needed relief for an adult experiencing chronic anxiety.

It’s said to offer physical rehab for pain relief, muscle repair and injury recovery, but it’s also meant to be good for mental relaxation, deep sleep and meditation.  The Aku Mat also helps in promoting calmness and emotional and physical well-being.

Komusō Shift

According to the manufacturer, the Komuso Shift, the Shift promotes the feeling of calm by adjusting your biology through controlled breathing.  Furthermore, they claim it decreases stress hormones, lowers blood pressure, loosens up the muscles and slows down our heartbeat.

It is engineered to help you slow your exhale and calm your nervous system.  As a result, these benefits also helps to relieve anxiety in adults.

Zen Garden Kit

I don’t know about you, but just thinking of the word, ‘zen’ brings peace and tranquility immediately in mind.  Zen gardens are designed to replicate nature and by ‘zen gardening,’ an adult enjoys the benefits similar in practicing meditation.

Also known as mini-Japanese gardens, it helps adults struggling with anxiety symptoms and brings a sense of calmness and peace to their well-being.

Final Thoughts & The Best Gift of Them All

Finding the best gifts for people with anxiety can be a challenge.  But I hope that this collection of unique gifts to relieve anxiety helps you out.  We’ve covered gifts ranging from Koosh stress balls, mermaid pillows, essential oils infused mini-diffuser, coloring books to the ever-popular weighted blanket.

Any one of these presents are unique ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one or friends’ face!  Find the products that speak or resonate with you when thinking of the people in your life as best gifts for anxiety.

As mentioned at the start of this article, perhaps one of the best gifts for someone with anxiety is simply ‘yourself’!  Trust me, if you make it clear to your friend or loved one that you’re just a call or a text away, this is a ‘gift’ they will cherish.

Unique Gifts For People With Anxiety

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